Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Being Madoffed"

Today I have read a new expression on the net... "Being Madoffed"... someone who has been cheated out of some or all of their life savings by financier Bernie Madoff. A famous writer was stunned at the vitriol she received when she blogged that she had lost all of the many thousands she had made by trusting Bernie Madoff with her life savings. She couldn't understand the people who called her a privileged princess, because she was going to have to sell one of her four residences, and go back to work as a writer to pay her bills. She had earned everything herself, and saw herself (rightly, I believe) as a victim. I think that the privileged are going to see more and more of this expression of anger over their greed, whether rightful or not, by a middle class that is going to be wanting and suffering their own hurts. I know here in our own little piece of paradise, we are already cutting back on plans and watching our pennies, and question each expenditure we make. Our vet isn't called as much, and every little thing isn't worried over quite as much. We don't buy as much feed, and we don't waste what we have. The trickle-down theory is beginning... the vet doesn't get called in as much, her income goes down, she doesn't spend as much at the store, etc. etc. etc. Everyone is worried, even those who formerly didn't mind shelling out for extras. We'll see how the new president does, and hope his bold economic plan starts a turnaround for our nation.

Our little mare Lacey is back on her feet again after a week of sadness and soreness. Several times we talked about what we would have to do if she were unable to walk. The vet came and medicated, and wrapped her feet. For two days she layed on the straw or stood only briefly, and we feared the worst. Now, after more advice from the vet, we have removed the wrappings and she is up, eating, drinking and pooping. Whle she can't walk far, she CAN walk a little, and has a brighter eye. That expression of hope kept me going as I fed her this morning, because if she is looking brighter, she is fighting. We will postpone making a sad decision about her for a while, until we see her quality of life has deteriorated so. Her mate Beau will be bereft though, they can hardly stand to be separated as it is. He is turned out in the pasture this morning to get a little excercise, but comes over to check on her off and on, and they communicate in soft whickers.

True Kansas weather: It was 57 at 3 yesterday, and is 24 this morning! I LOVE doing chores in the winter! I sing to the birds when I turn on the henhouse lights, and they all make noises at me in answer. The geese and ducks begin to quack and honk, as their water has frozen solid and they are thirsty. They greedily dip their bills to clean them out and drink as soon as we fill the fortexes with warm water. Beau has already snitched their feed, so I'll go out a second time shortly and give them some more water, and some more feed. We 'll do that several times this Saturday, to make sure everyone has water. Yes, winter is more intense for chores, but has it's own rewards.

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