Friday, January 30, 2009

Bluebird of Spring

On the way home tonight, feeling very low and sick, I saw a bluebird winging it's way along a country fenceline, to my right. Just the sight of it's little blue body flying along brought my spirits up, along with 40 degree temps and sun! Got home to find the geese and ducks with no water, but the pond is beginning to thaw. Tomorrow is expected to be in the 60s, so maybe they can finally clean themselves all over. We are forecast to have several days of good temps, followed by two days of low twenties, and then back up into the 50s and 60s, so relief is on the way. Tomorrow we will bucket out the big heated horse trough.. we are not gullible enough to believe it will thaw enough that we won't have to use it for another two months, but at least we can empty it and then use the hose to refill it. I used the hose tonight to fill the goose waterers and to run water for the white mare. She slowly walked out of the pen to follow her friend Beau. I watched her go down into the pasture and walk around, but he has come back up and she is now down on the crest of the small hill. I will go down and check her right now, we were hoping not to have to bute her today, but it appears we may have to. I won't get worried unless we can't get her up to the pen, then we'll be hauling water. She was eager to get out for a while, though, after weeks of barely moving. Husband is gone to the high school basketball game, so I will put a coat on and walk down there, bute in the pocket, and see how she is doing. I may be able to get her up and have her walk slowly back up to the pen.

Tomorrow is errand day... German shepherd to the vet, back home to get the truck and then to the feed stores, then to the commissary for groceries. I'll get the laundry done and the house picked up, and we are now resting after church on Sunday, so it will be nice to get it all done after sleeping a bit later tomorrow.

I'm looking for more signs of spring!

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