Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Week Started

Oh, for a good camera!

Tonight, over the crest of the hill to the east, has risen the most beautiful, gigantic, and yellow moon we have seen in months! Our neighbors on the acreage to the east live on a rise... it is behind their European style house that the moon has risen. Husband was burning trash when he called me from the yard (by phone!) and told me to come to the porch and look to the east. The beauty of it sent shivers down my spine. Surely this will be a good week, both at the office and at home, after last week's sadness.

Only a Being stronger and more powerful than mere man could create something of such wonder and might. It is our humble lot to accept the mere glory of it, and I do.

Kansas weather has swung to the mid-forties in our area of the state yesterday and today, though the Polar Express is due by Thursday. The hose ran, so I was able to fill troughs and fortexes with good water for the animals, and they all relaxed in the sun. The chickens and geese ran back and forth, and the geese and ducks bedded down in the straw of the horsebarn and slept for a few hours. One gander is very tall, and he cannot figure out how to get between the bars of the tubular gate that closes the horses in... I finally opened it and herded him through, then he kept the little mare away from her feed for a while! She has learned to toss her head at them to get her way, but her feet are so sore right now that she let them wander around her. We are still worried about her... the situation does not seem to be improving much.

Saturday was spent scrapbooking with my regular group, ladies from 18 to 70, and we all visited and enjoyed looking at each other's work. Lots of goodies were brought, so New Year's diets were broken while we snacked on each other's offerings. It was a happy day, the only time each month that I spend for myself, leaving all the chores to husband and working on my books all day.

Today brought church, and house cleaning, but we took it at a slow pace and are still finishing up a few things at 7 PM. Early to bed tonight, though all the Powers that Be are out of the office this week, and I am thinking JEANS while they are gone!

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