Monday, January 2, 2017

Where Does the Time Go?

My last post was December 19, and I don't know where the time 

My apologies. 

I still have this: 

I am a little over 3 weeks in, and will go until the 
15th, when it will be exrayed and the 
cast (I pray) removed. 

It is a pain in the TUSH.  I have trouble 
opening things, and holding things, but oddly enough, 
I can type. 

We did have this: 

Don't look at that gold Santa on the mantle, he was replaced by a white one.  

That's son Jim, daughter in law Amy, and then, from left... 
Chris, Nathan, Jacob, Madison, and in front, Paiton and Jax. 

So good to be with them at a time that was very hard for me. 

Our Yoder family Christmas party the previous day was 
snowed out by a slow-moving ice and snow storm, making driving 
dangerous.  I was so grateful Andrea called to cancel.  The pile 
of gifts on the wall by the door was collected by Amber and Jesse, 
and distributed to the family the following weekend. 

Here's the adjusted mantle, and I have to say, I liked it a lot better.  I was about the 
only one that enjoyed it, too. 

The reason for the season, early Christmas morning at church. 

Except for one year when we were literally snowed in at the old place, 
I have managed to go to church every single Christmas morning. 

Here was our family Christmas present. 

I went to see my dear Keith at the cemetery, and we 
got his beautiful stone for Christmas. 

As I laid the cross on his grave, a big flock of geese came out of the 
fog overhead, and went over his grave.  Keith loved to watch geese, 
this would have pleased him so much. 

I am still feeding on the deck, but am having to vacuum regularly. 
Not an ideal situation. 

Someone watches bird tv every morning. 

The three little Sheets boys came with their parents Amber and Jesse, to pick up all the presents. 
I could NOT get a good shot, they were moving so fast! 
Keith adored these little boys! 

(Hayden, Jace, Carson) 

I am seeing small ducks and geese all of the sudden, on all of the local small and large ponds. 

Geese are everywhere.  Tomorrow I am going to try to get to Wyandotte County Lake, where I understand there is a huge flock of snow geese right now. 
Could global warming be driving the birds south already?  
We are actually going to have some prolonged cold weather this week, starting tomorrow. 

I did see some snow geese way out in a field off the levee on Tonganoxie Road. 

On my way to church Saturday afternoon, I saw two crows in 
a field.  As I went by, they went up, but I caught another movement. 

Here is what they were watching: 

Then, Sunday, I came home to this: 

That's the Coopers Hawk that has been hanging around.  
First time I have seen it on the deck!

My new year's resolution is to blog more often!  


  1. There was a big fly-over of geese in formation when we stood at my aunt's grave many years ago. It's funny how some "little" things stay in our memory. I think of you often and still pray for you. I hope 2017 turns out to be a good year for you.

  2. Keith's stone and cross are so pretty, but sad for his family. I'm glad you had all of them to celebrate with, and the dogs and cat to keep you company. The hawk photos are great, as usual! I hope you get that cast off soon, and don't have any more accidents!

  3. this must have been such a tough xmas for you. i hope your heart heals soon.

  4. Hari om
    Blessings to you for 2017 Mary Ann... so glad you had family around you. Am off travelling fo a couple of months as of tomorrow, so won't be around to witness the increased blogging 😉 but will catch up when back! Hugs, YAM xx

  5. A sweet and sad Christmas story in pictures Mary Ann.

    I had a hawk hunting in the field I was sitting at yesterday during a lull in the rain. I never saw him catch anything. He was sitting on the feeder for a long time. I told the hubby probably trying to dry out some.

    We got some really bad storms yesterday. Trees knocked down all along our road.

    Hope your wrist gets better really soon.

    Take care,

  6. Sorry the weather stopped one of your family Christmas celebrations, but yes, it's best not to travel when roads are bad. At least you got to see some of them later on and you had one side of the family there to celebrate. The geese pictures are wonderful. Here I don't get out much to see them but I get some that fly by now and then on their way home in the evening. Sending you the best of wishes for a Happy New Year!

  7. I like the greens that you left at Keith's stone. I'm sure you missed him this Christmas, and am glad that you were able to be with some of your family!

  8. Glad the cast isn't affecting the photos! BTW, looks like we might have the same couch (only ours is the caramel color). Hope that cast will come off soon!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. So glad to hear from you again...was beginning to be concerned.

    Adorable picture of those little blondes :)


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