Thursday, January 26, 2017

Interesting Pictures

First, I need to make an announcement about my 
right wrist/hand. 

You all know I broke the wrist on December 9, in a fall. 
Not on ice... clumsy. 

My brothers called me "Grace" while I was growing up. 

Anyway.... tomorrow I go for my first therapy 
assessment.  I have had the cast off a week, but a brace on, 
except for a bit four times a day.  I sleep in it, it feels better
with support.  I was stunned to know that the hand was very weak, and 
the wrist even weaker, and I still have some swelling. 

So, therapy next week and the following two, it appears.  

All of this is by way of explanation for the lack of 
posts and the lack of pictures.  I can't hold the big camera up 
for any length of time.  That will come back with time. 

Here are some pictures from the game camera.  I have always enjoyed using a game 
camera, whether in our pasture, or now, at the Ag. 

These were taken two nights ago, and last night. 

I had just had a conversation with the education director 
yesterday, and told him I never saw deer, even when I came early or late. 

Cracks me up, because I found this on the camera when I got 
home that day.  What I do is leave the camera there, and change 
out cards.  Then I reset the camera, moving it around from day to day. 

I had seen their tracks, but had never actually seen one. 

The beautiful fox came soon on her tail. 

Then a raccoon. 

A possum, running fast somewhere. 

A skunk. 

And then the fox again. 

This was early this morning. 

He checked out the woodchuck's holes very carefully, 
and I could tell this morning that he had dug at those holes, there 
was fresh earth outside.  Maybe it's a vixen, looking for a den. 

This bunny is EVERYWHERE.  I see it almost every night. 

It's no longer afraid of the camera eye going off. 

We have had clouds for days, I am thoroughly tired of them. 

This juvenile eagle was at Wyandotte County Lake 
yesterday.  I could not get a good picture of him, but he 
was dive-bombing the ducks bobbing on the choppy water. 

This little flock of coots was rocking and rolling. 

You know I love my geese. 


  1. LOVE your new header! Hope the therapy brings good results.

  2. Is that a piece of railroad track you're using for a berm?

  3. I enjoy the game camera pics, it's like a peek into a secret world.

  4. Cool and interesting pictures from the AG.

    I've been seeing a pair of beautiful gray fox where we hunt. They are always at the end of the field and too far for a good picture. I wish I had a good telephoto so I could get some good pictures of them.

    Ow on your wrist. Bummer like my ankle. Will probably give you fits for a while.

    Take care and happy weekend.

  5. Wow the fox is so cool. Good luck with your hand.
    Lily & Edward

  6. It's amazing that you caught those pics! So glad that you got the cast off and hope that PT gets everything strengthened up fast. This is the reason mom is so diligent about running, muscles lose fitness fast when they aren't exercised.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I hope your therapy goes well, I had some for an arthritic knee and sciatica, worked wonders! I have eleven (11) trail cameras! I am amazed at how much action you got in one night! Busy, busy, busy!

  8. Wonderful pictures! Glad the cast is off. Hopefully the therapy will work wonders and your wrist will be strong again.

  9. Great pictures ! You certainly get a variety of critters there. Hope the therapy helps. I'm sure you are anxious to do all those things you cannot do with out the use of that hand. Take good care !


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