Monday, December 19, 2016

Birds on the Deck

We have had some REALLY cold temps this past weekend, 
cold by Kansas City metro standards. 

Friday and Saturday were bad driving days.  My two oldest 
grands, Chris and Nathan, were able to get here from Garnett, 
but we were held inside all day Saturday with blowing snow, 
ice and treacherous driving.  Our Yoder family Christmas was also cancelled on 
Saturday, as driving was unsafe. 

However... the birds.... have been enjoying their bounty both 
on our patio and on the back deck. 

The other day, tapping interrupted my reading of the newspaper at the kitchen table. 

I looked up to see this. 

I have seen him twice since then (red-bellied woodpecker). 

I bought peanuts for the mix at the end of last week, but no one is eating them... the 
mice are going to have a blast (and maybe stay outside!) .

Mourning doves have joined the finches, chicadees and juncoes on the deck. 

I have a heated dog bowl out there, too, and am also maintaining water on the patio. 

I'm having to take pictures through the window. 

I love the doves. 

It's hard to get the juncoes... the sun doesn't hit them and it's hard to get them on the camera. 

Sister watches Bird TV most of the day.  She turned as she heard me behind her. 


and Lilly are going stir-crazy, we haven't been able to walk since 
Thursday.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Are you all ready for Christmas? 


  1. Hari OM
    I have to deal with the window 'filter' too.. sigh.. still good shots; love the woodpecker! Hiya Sister; Hiya Lilly... cooeee Jester! Crikey. Christmas is arriving at rocket rate... but am ready. &*> YAM xx

  2. We don't do much or see much of anyone at Christmas anymore, so getting ready for it is kind of a non-issue.

  3. Birds make WINTER easier to TOLERATE don't they?
    OMD Bird TV...

    WE want to wish ALL of you the mostest MERRY of MERRY CHRISTMAS' EVER... and a FABULOUS NEW YEAR.

  4. Hey Jester!
    Wow, one of the highlights of our whole year was my peeps meeting you and yours at the Blogville retreat! Gosh, you have gorgeous feathered furiends and I'm sure they enjoy the seeds. Great pix of them. I used to have those woodpecker guys at my other house, but haven't seen any here yet. Have a wonderful holiday season!
    Grr and Woof,

  5. Yes, we are; hope yours thaws out!

  6. Yes, am ready. All gifts have been bought and already given. So have all bases covered. Only thing that remains is XMAS eve snacks with my sweetie. Our annual tradition. Only hard part about that is picking out what we want to make.

    I hope your wrist is better.

  7. I love the pictures today. Birds in winter are so appreciative of the food.

  8. Nice shots! How are you getting along with the arm??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Bird TV is better than most of what's available, isn't it? I liked seeing all your birds, Mary Ann. We haven't fed the birds here and instead of songbirds there are crows and hawks, eagles and geese. But we can't wait to get back to TN and start putting out feed for songbirds again.

    A blessed Christmas to you, dear Mary Ann,

  10. We haven't had many birds here recently but I saw two squirrels today.
    So glad that the temps are more "normal over the last few days.

    I bet the pups are ready for a walk by now.

    M : )


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