Monday, January 23, 2017

Can You Believe January is Half Over?

February will be here before we know it! 

I have been watching large flocks of geese and ducks 
flying overhead the last two weeks... even though we have had gray days, 
they are moving back and forth.  The Kansas City Star did a long story 
on the weekend about "resident geese" versus "migrating geese", and 
how a company employs Border Collies to keep the geese moving 
so they don't get used to staying on the local golf courses, etc. 

I still love them, even though friends of mine call them "flying rats". 

Keith loved them, too. 

We have had too many days like this lately: 

When the roads are swallowed in fog. 

I watch for ducks with the groups of geese on the little pasture ponds. 

See the muskrat nest behind the ducks?  This is the little cow pond I always show you, but it 
is very low right now. 

I came across these girls, too, and had to grab the camera to get them through the windshield.  There were four more, they had already gone into the woods.  By the time I went down the road, they had disappeared in the underbrush. 

And this young guy was down around the corner of the road, and likewise taken through the window. 

I drove on so as not to scare him. 

I will get back to good photos soon, when I can lift the camera.  My hand is still too weak, but I do go for my first therapy appointment on Friday, and am wearing a brace.  I still 
can't lift anything really heavy. 

Sunday morning in the gloom, I heard a lot of birds behind me, and turned around. 

I had been watching this: 

Not a mallard. 

Landing gear started to come down as they circled the pond. 

Mallards were with them. 

The brakes come on all the way to the water. 

We have had very little of this in the last few days. 

60 tomorrow, and then 30s the rest of the week... Kansas weather, 
you gotta love it. 

I'll hopefully be back to posting regularly when I can hold the darn camera! 


  1. Glad you were able to get out a little with your pooches and your camera. Healing (and spring) will come.

  2. Good luck with the therapy. We've had a lot of those gloomy days too Mary Ann. It's cold here this AM.

    We need to do a lot of that walking/dancing/exercise. The hubby doesn't like walking, but he said he would dance. We both have spare tires around the middle right now we need to work on getting rid of.

  3. january is almost over and we still haven't had winter. i am so disappointed!

  4. There certainly have been a lot of gray dark days. When the sun does come out, they have a hard time adjusting to the brightness. You got some great pictures considering the weather. Hopefully it'll be brighter soon!

  5. All we know is time goes way to fast
    Lily & Edward

  6. Our mom said she can't believe it is still January and that it is very long this year! We hope that cast comes off soon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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