Thursday, February 2, 2017

Some More Cool Pictures!

I took them, but I still think they are cool. 

I also have a bunch of videos taken at the Ag. 

This is my dining room, today.  Do you see it?  One of the 
volunteer tomato plants from last summer is blooming!  

In fact, I am going to support it this afternoon. 

I can't believe it! 

The geranium is blooming, too. 

49 days or so from spring, I think. 


Hope this is the sweet one from last summer, I can't remember. 

Two days ago, I had to run something to Leavenworth, and took the dogs. 
We stopped here on the way back, it was 60 degrees. 

This trail is hidden behind St. Francis de Sales church in Lansing, 
Kansas.... it happened to be the feast day of St. Francis when we walked. 

It was good to visit the creek again. 

Though a little hot on the pavement. 

We are standing on the bridge here. 

Even though we have not had a lot of snow this summer, the creek is flowing well. 

Turn the sound up so you can hear the water falling. 

Elk cows, on our way home from the park the next day. 

She and the bunny are not afraid of the camera any more. 

I often see her going back and forth. 

And the other little creatures. 

Still seeing lots of geese on all the farm ponds. 

Look at the buds swelling on the Bartlett pear! 


Okay, I love just about any bird. 

The night of the 31st.  The next video actually showed two more does coming from the west side of the pond. 

There is our friend again. 

I have no clue why, but my camera has a rose cast to the pictures during the day, I have never had that
happen with a Moultrie before. 

I wrote them, they told me to ship it to them. 

Haven't done it yet.  Probably will. 

I have started spring house cleaning early, and I am in "getting rid of " and "donating" mode... I'm thinking lots of things are going to start moving out of here soon! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 


  1. That crow is so cool, that is my favorite picture...remember I have crow stuff in my family room. stella rose

  2. i need to start seeds and spring cleaning too. but first i need some snow!!!

  3. Hari OM
    G'day from down under, Mary Ann! I's still got a month till back to the Bonny Land, but have use of a laptop to check on everyone again... I LOVE the new blog banner! your pictures are indeed 'cool' - and as a fellow fan of the crow family, am fond of your fellow here!!! Sounds like you are getting things shifting for yourself and that must surely feel more positive. Sending love... YAM xx

  4. Love your wildlife! Spring won't be here soon enough.

  5. Great pics especially the cardinal on your header.
    Wow, spring cleaning... I am still trying to get
    our house put back from the holidays. I am so behind.
    But Mr. Ken is moving right along, so that is a good thing.

    Happy weekend!

    M : )

  6. Neat pictures Mary Ann. Was out last week. Hope your wrist is even better by now.

  7. Love those beautiful pictures!!! Especially the crow's picture. It looks so sharp. Thanks for sharing:)

  8. Yes, very cool shots! And we are craving seeing growing things!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!


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