Sunday, March 8, 2015

Seed Starting

I finally got my seeds in their planting medium today, those I 
am starting early. 

The first... 

Park's Whopper 

(from the Park catalog) 

Last year, I bought one plant of Burpee Early Girl, 
which bore and bore and bore on our patio in 
a big container. 

Burpee's seeds are now 6.95 a packet... I just couldn't do it
a month ago, when I ordered, because I don't like to ask 
Keith to buy stuff like this. 

I have grown Whopper before, and it will be fine for us. 

The second...

Park's Supersweet 100

(from the Park catalog) 

I had to go buy cherry tomatoes for salad and pasta, 
so this year, we're going to have one on the patio. 

If you wonder why I am bothering to start seeds... I like it, I think it's fun, and I love to share plants with people.  My friends, my cousin Fuh Fuh, and my son Jim are all getting some this year. It will be Jim's first year at growing tomatoes!  There will be enough for Andrea and Amber, too, if they want some. 

I'm also starting this: 

(from the Park catalog) 

Coleus Wizard Mix. 

Last year, I grew coleus I bought at a garage sale, of 
all places, on our front porch.  They grew and grew, and 
I really enjoyed having coleus for the first time in six or seven years. 

So... I'm trying to start some.  Let me show you the seed. 

Yes, that's the teeny-tiny seed in the envelope inside of the protective 

I have NO idea which containers it went into... it is so fine 
I can't see it with or without my glasses. 

Here's what the current setup looks like, but I think I am 
going to put the clear plastic covers on these containers, (not 
all of which are in use yet... and turn them 
length wise. 

I have two more lights that I can use, and some 
more seed-starting medium... so ... I also bought monarda seeds, 
to get started here in our yard.  I think I'm going 
to try my hand at starting some under lights.  I did 
pretty well with the echinacea I started two 
years ago indoors. 

The medium I am using is Fafards, 
but I also have some Bacto if I need it. 

Last year in the midst of moving, I did not start 
any seeds myself, but I have bought various 
flower seeds to plant, as well. 

I also saved many of the large and small zinnia seeds from last year. 

Would a "real" homesteader not plant Baker Creek or 
Seeds Savers?????  Two years ago, I planted Baker 
Creek tomatoes... while they look great and 
were described greatly in the catalog, 
both varieties were a disappointment.  Of course, one of them, 
Gypsy, bore on volunteer plants last year.  The tomatoes were 
larger than cherries, but not as large as an eating tomato.  The Burpee Super Sauce 
tomato also, while huge, is really not a tomato I will plant again because we won't be making any sauce for canning. 

I have always had luck with Burpee and Park, so 
decided to stick with them... and yes, I am still going to 
order a few from Burpee at the end of the month. 

Look whom I found on Friday, on our way home from the old place! 

He was down in the little valley where the horse herd is, and had stopped on this fence post. 
Dusk was falling, and I wasn't sure if I was looking at a large hawk... or what. 
I kept taking pictures, not all of which came out... and let me tell you, when he took off, he took OFF!  So fast he was out of frame before I could click!  Isn't he (or she) a BEAUTY! 

And yes, it was as large as it looks. 

It hit 70 here yesterday, and 
is 60 right now in Leavenworth County.  A week ago we had snow. 

And a year ago today, we were in Houston for our family reunion on Keith's side.  Since this picture was taken that day... we have had 2 more babies to the family group, including Hailey, born to Andrea and Nick in September, last year. 

We have another boy coming in July, thanks to Amber and Jesse! 

How time flies! 


  1. It is wonderful to start plants and wonderful to give them away also. I am very happy for you. I am not all about heirloom either. I plant what works. How exciting to have a growing family. Life is good!

  2. We will buy 2 tomatoe plants,,, a ted one,, and a yellow one.
    Your going to be very busy!

  3. I've never had any luck with starting seeds indoors, but have done it outside when it finally warms up. I do love the taste of anything homegrown, but especially tomatoes. It'll be a fun thing for you to see them grow!

  4. I started our tomatoes yesterday too Mary Ann. We plant so many it's too expensive buying plants. The MIL use to start over a hundred plants for us each year.

  5. Mary Ann,

    It's so exciting when we can start planting our seeds :-) Enjoy!!!!


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