Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Good Picture Day!

The addition of extra peanuts to the Back 
Yard Blend I am using in the flat feeder at the 
old house has really enticed the birds to come. 

Do you think I'm crazy to get so much pleasure from 
watching these birds? 

This calf was out in the middle of the road about 
10 seconds before I snapped his picture. 

His Mama was in here  

By the time we went the second time to shut the birds up, 
someone had gotten him back in. 

Someone beat me to calling the sheriff's office, I'm telling 
you that people in Leavenworth County are on TOP of it. 

The geese are loving the higher temps (35)... the ponds are 
thawing again. 

I'm loving them loving it. 

Can you see the hawk in this picture? They were EVERYWHERE today. 

Up high. 

And down low. 

I saw at least a dozen of them. 

Including our juvenile with the droopy wing.  He's not flying very high, but he IS flying. 

One more redbird picture! 

C'mon, Lilly Ann, time to go home! 


  1. Totally beautiful pictures. I see you love bird watching too :-)

  2. I especially like the one of Lilly Ann!

  3. Not crazy at all! What better entertainment than that which God created?

  4. I'm glad you have something that brings great joy into your life.

  5. Of course Lilly is our favorite photo!!
    Good job is catching all the photos you did!! What a wonderful camera!


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