Friday, March 13, 2015

Catching Up on the Week

It's been a busy week around here, and I just have not had time to sit down and 
go through pictures and put them in any real order.  So... I'm going to try to get 
caught up.  

He's going to kill me for showing this picture, but 
here's my better half after his procedure on Tuesday. 
We are happy to say that it was a great experience, 
and we were treated top-notch by the nurses and doctor. 

Having said all that.. . Keith attended a meeting about 
home dialysis on Wednesday evening, and 
he is considering doing this.  He will have to 
have a catheter surgically implanted in his 
abdomen, and have a lot of training... but it's something he wants to explore. 

Don't look now, but the girls are all starting to come 
outside in the beautiful weather.  

I'm so glad for them, and tonight, I found Bluey, the big 
blue rooster, outside for the first time. 

That's the south garden bed at the old house... the one from 
which I pulled weeds for hours one day last fall. 

I see I didn't get all the grass, so tomorrow, I'm going to start digging. 

I don't want to go through another summer of weeds. 

The dogs have absolutely gloried in the good weather. 

And though we did have fog one morning... the weather has, in the main, been balmy. 

Too balmy... it has gotten to nearly 80 and we need rain badly. 

There were hawks everywhere. 

Run, Jes, Run!

Ahhhh they look so innocent. 

They descended on us, finally. 


I know they have to eat, but they drive off other birds.
It wasn't just starlings, there were red-winged blackbirds in there, too. 

Oddly enough... in the month that I have been feeding at the old house again, I am not seeing any mourning doves, which used to visit all the time. 

Beautiful, but odd, clouds last night. 

I had lunch with Paiton and Jax today, since they are on 
spring break.  I was going to babysit them, but their dad, 
my son Jim, is getting ready to start a new job and is 
off all next week.  We took them to McDonald's at their request, so they 
could play in the playroom.  Screams.  For an hour.  

It was fun, but loud. 

This afternoon, same bird you see in the tree above. 

And this happened here yesterday... we had two garden beds dug 
by a local man who puts in gardens for people. 
These are our first in-ground beds at the new house... and I 
can't wait to start building them up... there is one on the inside of the 
fence, and one on the outside!  It's a start! 


  1. Were clapping our hands about the garden beds at the new house!!! yay!
    Keith will decide what he chooses to do,,,,were glad he has choices.

  2. Glad Keith is doing well. That is good news. It certainly looks like you are going to be busy there now that nicer weather is coming. It was warmer here this week and I'm happy to say a lot of our snow is now history.

  3. I hope it works out for Keith to get his dialysis at home. Glad he's feeling great after his procedure!

  4. I'm glad he is doing well. best wishes to him. My uncle does the at home dialysis..I don't know anything about it, but I thought wow, how advanced that has become. Have a super weekend!

  5. you have some awesome pictures there! We won't tell him we saw that lovely picture, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  6. I know you are excited about getting some plants into the ground.

    Glad everything went well with Keith's procedure.


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