Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rainy Days

How we have needed rain... and we've gotten a little, yesterday and today. 

The ponds looked leaden at the bottom of the hill. 

I think Jester's expression pretty much sums up how he felt: 

Nothing fazes Lil, though. 

Certainly not a little rain. 

I noticed last night she has a hitch in her step coming up the back stairs here at the house... and I'm going to start watching her closely. 

I have seen very few hawks this week.  Tuesday I caught this one in a tree on the way home. 

His colors are nice, aren't they? 

It was sunny on Tuesday, and we should have some sun tomorrow. 

I rarely see robins in trees... but Tuesday, I got two of them, there is one on the left behind a branch.  The redwings joined them, I was filling the feeder.  The robins, of course, don't eat at the 
feeders.  They were getting a surfeit of worms yesterday and today. 

I caught a cardinal in the maple tree the same day. 

As I pulled up with the dogs, three crows flew from the feeder. 

While a fourth laughed from the top of the old walnut tree. 

A grackle joined the redwings at the feeder.  I am purposely not 
putting much seed out at the moment, because the starlings are watching constantly. I keep meaning to explain the nails you see in the upright pole... they are for orange slices, for orioles. 

Watching, always. 

Work is progressing on the house, too... There are now three new windows on the west side, and... ta da.... the wall where those left two windows are, that bowed out the entire time we were there, has 
now been fixed and brought into plumb from the inside, the right way. 

There is a big pile of c and d on the back deck, that will get cleaned out on Saturday.  The temps are supposed to be in the 70's this weekend... and then rain again next week... we really do need it. 
But.. work is going along, slowly but surely. 

The Kansas Dept. of Agriculture came by to look at the chickens..
and left information with neighbor Kathy, who was home.  I spoke with them 
this afternoon, and they will come by in the next day or so and come in and check the birds out.  I'm sure they will be satisfied with their health. 

The man did tell me that they have a surprising number of people reporting 
their flocks... I was so glad to hear this. 

So far, we have not heard of any but the one flock that was infected with 

Sun tomorrow! 


  1. It is looking like Spring there. April showers will soon be here. Hard to believe March is going by so quickly. We get a lot of rain here in the spring making every thing green. Better than all the snow we had for sure. Hope your chicks are ok there. Happy Spring !

  2. It's suppose to rain today and all weekend here.

    The old place is looking good Mary Ann.

    Have a great weekend. I think even with the rain we are going to be busy bees.

  3. Delightful photos and I especially enjoyed the crows in flight pics. Good photography! I hope Lil's 'hitch' goes away. Is she an older dog? We had to put our old retriever on meds for his painful hips and it was like a miracle drug! It helped him have such a better quality of life! Happy First Day of Spring!

  4. Yes, Jester says it all for sure. Your house is coming along so nicely. I hope it is just the weather, dampness bothering Lily and that is all.
    stella rose


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