Monday, December 19, 2011

Wet Tonight

It has rained all day here at Calamity Acres, and the rain is standing everywhere.  Keith, thank heavens, did chores tonight in his heavy rubber boots.  He did not bring eggs in, so I'll try to get them in the morning.  We overslept by almost an hour today!  The llamas ate a soggy dinner, and I ran from the car when I got here, and got them some good hay and put it in their barn, where it is dry, in case they want to lay in there tonight and chew on the good hay.

I meant to show everyone this picture yesterday:

If you look closely, you can see new grass coming up around the wild-bird feeding station.  Yes, there is a lot of waste... but a lot of it will be eaten in the next few weeks.  If you dig down one layer, it's all spoiled and fermenting.  There is a water dish to the left.  The nyger seed feeder I bought about six weeks ago has holes that are too big, and I AM losing that seed faster than normally.  I am going to look for another that doesn't have quite as big as the holes in this one.

You might remember that two months ago or so, I wrote about the D. Landreth Seed Company, the oldest American seed company.  They were in danger of going under.  Well, bloggers everywhere ordered catalogs and some of us ordered seed packages (as did I)... and lo and behold, here is my 2012 Seed Catalog, the first to arrive.

It is full of wonderful old advertisements.
Notice the house was founded in 1784, and this picture was from the 1883 catalog.  I'm glad they shared them with us.

Fear Not!
The center pages are in color!

I finally had to crop these as I waited four times for them to load and I have not fixed our dinner yet!

I ordered a zinnia collection from Landreth which I have already received.  They arrived in beautiful old-fashioned packages.  I am going to sit next week and go through the catalog and pick out some things to order.

I've got to go get dinner in order, as Keith went to the hardware store to get some bolts for the new STEEL mailbox.  Yes, someone has played mailbox baseball for the third time here, and destroyed yet another mailbox.  Keith is foiling them this time... this STEEL mailbox, bought at McNeeley Steel where our gate was made, will break the arm of someone trying to bash it in again.


  1. Great seed catalogue. Oh, we had some mailbox destroyers a few years back. Hubby buile a thick, HEAVY wooden mailbox that hasn't been able to be taken down yet. Good luck! Merry Christmas! Linda

  2. I'm so glad you originally posted about Landreth - I had never heard of them before I read your post and am so glad I did. I got my catalog last week and plan on actually framing a couple of those old ads to decorate my kitchen wall with. They're gorgeous!

  3. That's a beautiful catalog. That's one of the crappy things about living in the country. Whoever started the thing about smashing mailboxes needs to be beaten.

    Happy holidays. I'm out after today until the 1st of the year. Will catch up when I can.

  4. Great catalog. It is so bad that someone will come by and destroy your things.
    Hope you have a peaceful and merry Christmas.


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