Sunday, November 6, 2011

What the Heck is Going ON?

I know this is a second post but I have a RANT.

What the heck is this?

Your current account (my email at gmail) does not have access to view this page.

here to logout and change accounts.

I have been getting this on some blogs in the last two weeks.  I literally cannot comment on these blogs now.  Have I been removed?  I don't remember being offensive to anyone, I have always tried NOT to be... and the blogs appear to be "public" blogs, meaning anyone can read them. 

Have any of you been getting them?  It would be just in the last two weeks or so, but I kept forgetting to mention them.

As the email mentioned is the email with which I log into my account at Calamity Acres, it's very vexing.  Several blogs are ones that I enjoy reading, and can still read, but no longer comment. 
Is it a Blogger problem or am I BANNED?????



  1. I think I might have seen it once, but I figured it was because I was at work and had two g-mail accounts open confusing it. I don't go to any that I would comment using a blogger id. You might try logging out of g-mail and back in.

  2. I have the same problem. It has to do with the comment format of blogs. On most of the ones where the comments are embedded, I have to choose the "comment as anonymous" option, and leave my name in the comment so I'm not anonymous, lol! It's an annoying bug, nothing you've done.

  3. I did that on some blogs from time to time but I could go ahead and comment with my email address. I couldn't even comment on my own blog. Logging out and back on didn't help. I am really not competent enough to offer why am I?

  4. that happens to me about 50 percent of the time, I just do the "click here" and it asks for email address and password then it will work. Even tho the keep me logged in is checked. Depends on different set ups I guess.

  5. as a matter of fact had to do it here.

  6. I was getting it, but since choosing not to stay logged on...I just log on daily, I quit getting it

  7. I would be tempted to contact Google. The comments work better if you go to settings and select pop ups.

  8. Hi Mary Ann, I did notice that sometimes your picture is on my "Follow" and then sometimes it just disappears! I don't know why, I think blogger has something to do with it. Things like that have a way of straightening up, sooner or later..

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  10. maybe google was undergoing maintenance in that time where you where logging in.


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