Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back to Our Regular Programming

Since I wrote about the animals last, we have had an accident here.  Aztec, our yearling llama, has wounded her eye, in fact, torn her lower eyelid.  We are watching it, but, as the llamas are not truly halter-broken, we have not touched it yet.  If it does not look like it is healing in the next week or so, we will have Dr. Hauser out, who does equines and camelids.  We have the catch... and can get a halter on her by using the catch, but it will be a llama rodeo until she is haltered.  I've said before... we love our llamas, but should have bought halter-broken critters. 

Looking rather lurid here, it was the day it happened.  As you can see, it is kind of a nasty wound, and we think she either plunged her head into the hay buffet and got a piece rammed in, or did it somewhere in the pasture while they were galloping around.  It looks marginally better now, and it is not dripping blood, as in this picture.  As I said, we are watching it closely, and are very grateful it is not the dead of summer, with flies everywhere.

The buff brahma rooster in the front in this picture, Barney, and the two little buff brahma hens behind him (the smallest in the picture) went to a new home today.  Recently, I was asked by the head vet tech at my vet's office if I would consider selling some chickens to her uncle.  I told her I would not sell them, but would give him a few.  I picked out
Barney, the two little purebred brahma hens, and the two little cochin-brahma crosses (hens) that are very small.  On top of these, they were nice enough to take Ratchett, aka Elvis

In the last two weeks, the two young bullies roosters, Brutus and Rocky, have been attacking Ratchett constantly.  He was at the point where he had to stay inside all day with the Coop Dwellers, or be beaten to death.  I was so glad when Rhonda's aunt fell in love with his frizzle feathers and took him.
I had good vibes from these folks, and when they told me that they had covered their runs now because of some raccoon attacks, I felt better.  We are going to have to do something soon, since a hawk has picked off three of ours recently.

I thought this was a cute picture this morning of Nathan, waiting for his mom to come, and watching cartoons with his little buddies.

And finally, the Behemoth in our bedroom has been removed... son Jim came to help Keith load it, and son Jeff met us on the other end.  It just about killed the two of them to move it to his apartment, it is VERY HEAVY.  This big entertainment center held a 37 inch Toshiba tv that I bought from a friend at work several years ago, but it was followed up within six months by a flat screen, and we rarely used this one in the bedroom, then never used it.  We dropped the satellite from it over a year ago.  I thought to ask Jeff if he could use it, and he jumped at the chance to get it, so tonight, entertainment center and tv are in Independence, and we have room to move around in the bedroom.  He is also going to take a huge clothespress bought at a garage sale by a friend for us, that has not proved to be truly useful, and also takes up room.  We are going to get a simple dresser to use for Keith's clothes. I'm so glad Jeff took them, he's a hard worker, and will truly use them.

I hope everyone has a good start to the week!


  1. Watching and waiting is hard to do.Hopefully the llama will get better and won't repeat whatever caused it. I like smaller animals I can handle. But llamas are very interesting.

    Glad Ratchett is at a new home where he will not get beaten up. The chickens on the bottom, hens or roosters, have a tough life.

    Hope you have a good week also.

  2. understand the llama rodeo completely, been there, done that. Put a halter on him and he can do one and half gainers with out a diving board or swimming pool, he is very lovable so long as there is a 5 ft fence between him and myself.

  3. Jim is a happy guy with that nice entertainment center as a gift, it's a very nice one.

  4. It's nice when things can go to a good home. Chickens and furniture!

    Hope her eye is well soon.

  5. I have asked St. Francis to keep an eye on your llama. Mary G.

  6. That's funny...a llama rodeo. Maybe you could charge admission.


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