Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aztec, Part Two

Well, we decided to wait for a bit and watch Azzie's lower eyelid, but after showing her picture to a vet tech at my office, I decided maybe we should have our vet out after all.  Imagine my surprise when I called the vet's office yesterday (thinking it would be Thursday or Friday, at best) and was told the doctor's new associate could be there in just an hour or so.  Yikes!  I got hold of Keith to make sure he could swing by, since it was late afternoon, and he said yes.  Of course, he beat the vet here, and hung around, waiting, calling me with "Where is she's???".  (I have been through this before, People). 

Then the vet pulled up.  Sorry, I have no pictures of what ensued, but I got the encapsulated version when I got home, JUST as they were releasing Aztec from the catch. 

Vet pulls up in humongous vet truck.  Views llamas, tells Keith to catch the patient, and goes back to truck.  Keith manuevers Aztec into catch with help from mama and papa, Inca and Tony, then runs them back out into the pen while he tries to keep the upset Azzie in the catch.  Maintains choke hold on her nether regions, all the time praying that she doesn't kick him in his Manhood.  Vet goes back to truck again. 

Keith asks vet to get halter... vet brings halter and lead rope, while waving shot apparatus full of sedative dangerously close to Keith's arms and legs... Keith maintains additional hold on bucking llama while vet gets halter on her, so that Keith can move up and try to exert additional control.  Vet finally takes a stab at sedative, and administers some.  Examines eyelid, and decides that IT WILL HEAL WITHOUT A STITCH because the tear is in the middle, and it is too far to pull the skin together.  The top eyelid comes down fine, and protects her eye.  She dabs salve all over it... gives a penicillin shot, and, as I come down the drive, the patient is loosed.  Father, mother and baby all gallop out to the pasture as the gate is opened. 

I met Dr. Beggs, who assured me that if I had been there 10 minutes earlier, I would have heard her cussing like a sailor, along with my husband.  However, there was laughter all around, and she gave us instructions on how to make sure Aztec gets her penicillin for the rest of the week... ground up and watered down on her feed... and did we think we could put more salve on her boo boo... emphatically NO.... and then she told us she'd send us a bill and was gone in a flash.  We loved her, but then, we love Dr. Jeannie, too. 

Keith did mention several times during the evening he was unusually worn out. 

So here was the scene this morning as I was leaving for work:

Mom and Dad, post breakfast.  Why, o why did I not think to ask Dr. Beggs to look at Inca's skin condition???? 

Here is our little patient.  You can see her eye still looks sore.

Go to work!  Let us chew our cuds in peace!


  1. I wish I could remember the name of the website I found couple years ago written by a llama owner, I laughed so hard I cried. My male is very friendly with a fence between us and I intend to keep it that way.

    There is one animal I will NEVER own and that is an Ostrich, they can kick and I swear they can shoot poop with a deadly aim.

  2. Girl! What an exciting life you lead.

  3. Hello all this is Keith. Want you to understand that I was a wrestler and football linebacker in my younger years and spent 24 years in the US Army so I'm a fairly strong guy. This young lady was a real challenge. I'm sitting here typing this and still worn out from wrastling her yesterday. But we did manage to get antibiotic ointment into her eye wound and a penecillan shot into her, so we are very hopeful that she will be fine. She is a very pretty girl. Hope all of you are having a great holiday season.

  4. Hope your young llamas eye heals up nicely. Actually, I was wondering what do you do with llamas? I know about the cattle, hogs, horses and chickens since I was raised on a farm. But llamas are something I rarely see. We did see a few going to Branson along Hwy 65. Just curious!

  5. I'm sure it was funny afterward. Never funny at the time!

  6. Hope your llama heals well. With all critters, it is never a dull moment when it comes to their care. blessings,Kathleen


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