Monday, November 14, 2011

A Great Gift

Keith made something wonderful for me tonight... and here it is:

This is looking down into it on the kitchen table.

It's a nest box. 

You see, our girls have no hidden place to lay.  They are pestered constantly while they are trying to lay.  I took this from the wrong angle, but they must hop up into this box, and there is a lip to give them privacy.  We are going to see how this goes, and then Keith will make several.  I am putting this one in the closet of the big henhouse in the morning, on a cement block, so they can hop or fly up into it for privacy.  Some of the girls are using another open box we have in the closet in which to lay, but we have more layers than we have boxes. 

If this works, we'll try one in the little henhouse, where we have young hens that should be coming out of the molt and laying daily now.  The Welsummers are using the rabbit hutch now vacated by the porcelains... but the other hens in there should be laying, too.  Anyway, we'll try this for the time being, and see how it does.

Thanks, Honey!


  1. Very good job Keith!

    The hens should luv it.

  2. That nesting box turned out great!

    Hope it works out perfectly for you and the 'girl.'

    So nice to have a hubby that's handy :)

  3. Wonderful! Yay for Keith! Your girls will really feel at home in their special little box, Mary Ann.

  4. What a great nestin' box. I'm positive your girl will love 'em and reward your with many fresh eggs.

    God bless and have a marvelous day sweetie!!!

  5. Keith is a helpful honey that's for sure!

    Good luck with your girls!



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