Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Birthday Girl

She's big and fuzzy, but she's our baby! 

And she won't hold still to get her picture taken!

She still has the most beautiful eyes in the world... and the most beautiful fringed ears... and you can see her lovely silver neck muff.

And here is she with her nether regions nearest to the camera, as she and Mama Inca trotted away tonight.  The cooler weather is making them feel very good.

And here she is a year ago today, in all her cuteness.  Totally unexpected, we did not think Inca was old enough when Tony (before gelding) bred her.

She was such a dark baby I don't have any closeups of her cute little face.

We love our llamas!

To all of you who extended comments about my illness last night, thank you.

I had a flu shot 3 weeks ago.  On Monday, I didn't feel very well after a very busy day at work, and during the night, began getting very sick.  By Tuesday I tried to go to work and was sent home, and 24 hours went by in a fog.  I spent yesterday on the couch and in bed, and managed to get to the office today.  I would just as soon not have THE FLU again this winter! 


  1. Yes, please no flu for any of us this season. Glad you're perking again

  2. The bithday girl is beautiful!
    So glad you're feeling better.
    Terry at Moondance

  3. Such a beautiful BD girl. Glad you are better.

  4. Your birthday girl is a pretty girl! Glad you are feeling better. I haven't had a flu shot since the time I got one and ended up with the flu. I always wondered if the shot didn't make me sick!
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. She's a cutie all right!

    Glad that you are back in the land of the living. It's no fun being sick.

    Hope you have a happy weekend :)

  6. Glad to hear that you are doing better.

    Happy birthday to your baby!


  7. Actually I have never seen a llama, but love the pics you have posted. Mary G.

  8. Llamas are so cute. I bet my horses would freak if we got one.

  9. This is Keith. That morning last year was weird. Mary Ann had done chores for the chickens and left for work. Then when I got ready to leave for work I walked over to the fence. Inca was laying down in the pasture and I could just barely make out two little ears sticking up behind her. Then when I got a bit closer Aztec stood up. What a wild feeling. We had no idea Inca was even pregnant. Of course I called MA right away to tell her and she spent the rest of the work day prancing around the office in anticipation.


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