Thursday, December 7, 2017

NOT Like my Other Posts

This is kind of an unusual post today. 

You see, it is 29 degrees out as I type this, and the wind chill is 
making it feel like 22.  I did take some pictures outside 
this morning, but it's hard to manipulate the camera on the phone 
when your fingers are encased in gloves and warmers.  

So, I am going to show you some pictures from the game 
camera on the porch last night. 

Here is Lilly checking out the water and food bowl on the porch.  I always 
make sure the water is filled to the top. 

I had poured some dog food they won't eat into the bowl. 

You notice she is not eating it? 

I am standing there making sure there are no critters around, and this 

This was taken about ten minutes later. 

About 20 minutes later. 

That's a big 'un!

Of course, I did not have that camera aimed just right. 

Lilly sensed that raccoon, and went barreling out the door, after alerting me. 

Jester also went out, and I don't let him stay out alone. 

So here I am, waiting for Jes to finish.  Lilly was running around in the yard, 
looking for that coon, which I suspected was under the deck, from the smell out there. 

So, while I was out there, I decided to take some pictures of the 
fading supermoon. 

There is a step down at the door, it's the step I rolled my ankle on 
in 2006 and broke my tibia.  Keith built a step for me to break that 
six inch downwards step, but I am still really careful to this day. 

I had locked up Twinkle at this point, because he got out at 
least six times yesterday. 

I do NOT want to take a chance on letting him out at night. 

30 minutes later, one of the kitties was on the porch, with no food left, 
looking for something to eat. 

I was worried about the kittens, I did not see them yesterday and when I went 
out to close up last night, their food had not been touched. 

However, they were both there this morning.  

So, here I am this morning, it was already 8 AM, (I had overslept) and I was 
getting the dogs out.  Lilly still looks sleepy. 

So does Jes!

Lilly smelled the bowl many times, and was on the alert. 

I got myself dressed and came out to do chores. 
I was making sure Twink did not get out behind me, here. 

And pretty soon, the girls had beat me back to the house while I was 
still trying to get the 14 YES FOURTEEN eggs they laid yesterday 

More about that tomorrow. 

Oh, yes, Cogburn was there too!

Here I am tearing up some breadsticks, I just throw them on the deck and pretty soon, the girls are all there. 

I swear they can hear the door open in the bottom of the pasture. 

Today was the first day I had to wear tights under my jeans, and use my hand warmers
(which I gave to my friend at the feed store, since he is in and out all day). 

He had never heard of them! 

I also had my hood over my knitted cap, so yes, my hair is a mess. 

Anything to stay warm. 

When I got to the Ag, the water founts were frozen, the 
big one, on a heated base, was obviously on a base that was no 
longer working.  I changed plugs, just in case. 

As we are dispersing that flock next week, I decided to go back tonight and 
put a fortex of warm water out for the chickens to use tonight. 

Then I'll go early tomorrow. 

I did leave them water in the summer plastic fountain for the day, and 
left a metal fount out in the sun in hopes of it thawing. 

Winter is definitely here!


  1. I put on long underwear under my pants and took them off when I got to work

    I do not like cold weather.

    Went to the back dr today. He said the fracture has healed. But he wrote me a prescription for pt Igor 6 weeks 2 times a week

    Stay warm

  2. You have quite the zoo over there! It is cold here too, 20's at night and 30's in the day. Mom has to run in her cold weather gear.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Goodness, you have quite a few friends out and about on your porch. It's finally down in the 30s, and I am glad because I thought summer was going to hang on until January. It did make it to December, though. Strange.

  4. Very cold here too today. Nice to have that outdoor camera to check and see what's going out outside your door. You critters do keep you very busy and entertained too !

  5. will you be getting some of the snow? it is missing us and i am so disappointed!

  6. Hari om
    Freezered over here too... love my thermal underwear! YAM xx


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