Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy WINDSday!!!

The weatherman warned us it would be windy today, but WOW.... it sure is!  

The young man whose company took care of my yard here over the summer is coming to do some clearing, I hope he doesn't blow away into the next county!

That is a shell-less egg that someone dropped off the roost the other day. 

That white thing, strung out.  It had just been dropped before I opened the 
pophole that morning, it was still all wet.  

More grit is needed, I think, of the oyster-shell variety. 

But, the girls ARE coming into lay again, good news. 

And this is the first egg at the Ag from the cochin flock currently there.  I got another the next day, and none since. 

Cochins only lay 2 to 3 eggs a WEEK... they are bred for beauty, not production.  

You should be able to pick the cochin egg out of this batch I was 
getting ready to scramble for the dogs and me for breakfast. 

The five eggs that are dark orange are from my girls here at the farm... 
and the pale yellow is from the girl at the ag, who does not have access to fresh grass, bugs, etc. etc.. 

Sunday was the last day of the 4-day Santa's Express celebration at the 
National Agricultural Center.  That's my grandson Jax in the Island Creek School, 
I was the schoolmarm that day and forgot to have my picture taken with my 
pioneer dress on.  

The weather was beautiful and we had a good crowd of lovely families. 

There is a better view from the teacher's platform.  

This school actually stood in Wyandotte County from 1917, 
and was moved to the Ag when Piper School District was absorbed into 
the Wyandotte County school system.  
The kids made ornaments (coloring pictures) for the tree, that is out of 
the picture to the left. 

Here is Fang, eating on the porch Sunday night.  

I leave just a little bit of food for him and he finds it.  There is also the water there, I know that draws him. 

Jaxton actually saw him going up the drive on Sunday morning before we left, he must have been under the deck.  He went out under the gate and over to the wild area across the road. 

If this isn't the most awkward sleeping position!  He was on my lap, stretched out his 
little legs, hooked them into the chair, and went to sleep!

He is a very loving kitty, but oh man, is he hard on my hands and feet, they are full of 
bites and scratches from play, and I am trying to teach him he can't do that any longer. 

Same night. 

I went in to sweep up the schoolhouse on Monday, and get some of my 
personal decorations out of the general store... and roofing has progressed on the school. 
There were several roofs that have to be removed... there was damage from a big storm in 
July so the old museum building (the first) and the schoolhouse are both getting new roofs. 
As the building is 100 years old this year, it's good maintenance.  We are also trying to raise money 
to get the building painted. 

I took this from the hen spa porch last night. 

It is the dust rolling in off the road, it is awful 
right now.  We are so dry, and any vehicle going up or 
down the road is stirring up buckets of dust. 
There is film on everything. 

I took this last night in the hen spa.  There are 18 birds here for now, 
but about six of them are now roosting in the rafters.  Several are also 
roosting IN the nest boxes, so I am cleaning them out regularly. 
One cochin goes all the way up to the highest rafter! 

People on Instagram probably think I never get out of the recliner 
in front of the tv, because I post from there with pictures and video of 
Jester and Twinkle every night.  I love my long nightgown.... and last night 
I had on warm, warm part alpaca knee socks I got at Marshalls.  They were 
so soft and warm!  
As of this morning, I have all my Christmas shopping finished except for the 
monetary gifts... this afternoon after I clean this house, I am going to wrap.  
I am thinking I'll put the gifts into two big shopping bags I bought at 
Marshall's so Twink can't tear them up. 

You know I lost Sister a month ago.... Twinkle came at just the right time. 
I have grown so fond of him.  God usually opens a window when He is closing a door, and He sure did for me this time. 

In other wonderful news, our big house has sold and was closed upon yesterday.  As we did not own it long, there was not a huge profit, but it covered everything I had to pay at closing, and I am 
delighted with that.  It is a chapter closed and finished, and I am finished with paying two house payments, two yard care payments, and two utility payments.  It's an absolute blessing, and I pray that the new owners will be very happy there. 

It was a wonderful Christmas present for me. 

My son took this Saturday, when he dropped the kids off. 

It was supposed to be my Christmas picture. 
Twinkle is squirming and Lilly dropped and rolled when I called her, 
only Jester is sitting pretty.  

Oh, well.  

I hope you are all well along the Advent road and getting ready for Christmas!


  1. Hari OM
    Mary Ann, your furmily pawtrait makes my heart swell; it's gorgeous! CONGRATS ON THE SALE!!! ...and so it rolls along. Blessings to you. YAM xx

  2. So happy for you that you are back on the farm, the town house sold, you have chickens again, and three loving companion animals! Merry, merry Christmas Mary Ann.

  3. I'm happy for you, to have sold the house and that you're enjoying life in the country again!

  4. I'm glad your house sold - good to not have to worry about all that. I bet it was fun being a teacher for the day. My chickens love to roost in the rafters of the chicken coop - I even have nice hay in their boxes - nope - they love the rafters. The egg production is down, but I don't expect it in the winter, I give them a break. Your picture looks good.

  5. Congratulations on selling the big house. I know that is a huge load off your plate. It's a good picture of you and your babies. lol.....the hubby could never get a good picture of me when I was with one of the critters. Something about his eye, to brain, to finger coordination is off. He doesn't look for the right time. He just clicks....

    Have a great rest of week.

  6. I loved seeing the school house. I actually got to go to one like that when I was a child. There was a one room school.Grades 1 - 8 across the road from my Grandmothers house and when we'd visit her I would also visit the school. So thanks for sparking a great memory for me. I love your Christmas picture ! It may not be perfect but shows the love at your house ! My advent road is a little bumpy this year, but Christmas will come whether I'm ready or not.

  7. Your life seems to be full of all the things you enjoy and love. What a blessing! We love that photo of you. Mom said you even looked younger!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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