Wednesday, December 20, 2017


There are my feet again, those of you who follow me on Insta and Facebook will recognize me in this position, in my recliner. 

There is my sweet little Twinkle. 

I have also written about how he has been scratching and biting me, and someone (Sally) suggested that I discipline him now so that he would not turn into a biting, scratching adult. 

Actually, I have been using a small squirt bottle on him, which we used with
Lilly when she was a puppy, lo, these many years ago. 

What I found was that after a week, he responded better to "NO", than being

Here is the reason he is on my lap, curled up. 

That's Paiton with Autumn, our new family member from 
Kitty Cat Connection. (Thank you, Tammy Potts)  I went over to pick Autumn up 
last Saturday, and she had to spend some time in the bathroom 
getting used to everything.  When I am here, she is now allowed to 
roam throughout the house with Twinkle. 

Oh, we have had some fun. 

They have been up hill and down dale. 

They are not allowed outside, tho Twink has escaped a time or two. 

They are strictly indoor cats, from here on out. 

Lilly is not sure about Autumn,  so I monitor them. 
Jester wants to play so BADLY, and Autumn is not used to 
dogs, so there is a lot of hissing. 

In fact, he is feeling very left out, he was Twinkle's main man. 

He had been jumping and grinning, play with me, play with me, 
for five minutes before I took this, and they ignored him. 

Here is a dorky picture I took with one hand last night. 
I was watching the Voice finale (sort of) and Twinkle climbed up 
into the recliner and went to sleep nestled on me.  Autumn, for the first time, 
came up with him and also went to sleep.  It didn't last long, pretty soon 
they started wrestling again, and they wrestle HARD.  She is just a hair bigger than he,
and gives as good as she gets. 

However, he has not bitten or scratched me one time, now that he has a playmate. He was just desperate to play, before. 

I got Jester up a little later, and gave him scritches until he was almost asleep, 
to let him know he is still MY  main man. 

Here was Spooky in the old henhouse this morning.  I knew something was 
sleeping in the closet... there are two depressions in the deep straw I put in there, there 
is another just beyond Spooky to the left.  No sign of Harlequin, I have not seen her in two days, and you see that Spooky wanted his breakfast, he was telling me.  He was also telling me "Don't come any closer".  

There is also something sleeping in the little red hen house.  I leave about 
a cup of cat food in there every day, just in case one of the other two ferals is still around... I have not seen them in weeks though, and I know my neighbors at the bottom of the hill feed ferals. 

Something eats it, and something sleeps there, but is gone when I go out in the morning.  It is 
cat or possum sized. 

Speaking of the possums and other wildings, I am moving the feeding station off the porch and into the yard by the pasture.  I'm going to move it INTO the pasture once they get used to not finding it on the porch. 

The cats come to the porch every night, despite the fact I feed them in the hen house. 

The water in the warmed bowl will stay on the porch.  One thing I have NOT done is 
started feeding the wild birds on the deck again.  I have enough fun watching them at my feeding station, and I keep water out there. 

It looks like all I shopped for at the commissary today was cat food, doesn't it? 
I stocked up for the next two weeks, and then got everything else that was on my 
Christmas - party list, like bowls and cups, etc..  We have ham and cheese sliders and potato soup on the menu, but I did get a container of potato salad, just in case. 

While I was there, they had a scavenger hunt, giving 10 minutes to get all the items on the list, and back to "go".... to win a big sack of items, PLUS an Xbox One system.  It was fun to see everyone careening through the aisles trying to get their list filled, and fun for the parents.  The store was not too full, either, so it did not put anyone out. 
What a fun way to win an Xbox for your kids. 

Here is a much-cropped picture of the new rooster, whom I am calling Ferdinand, after the 
bull from the cartoon of the same name, recently re-made by Disney. 

Ferdinand was a big, blustering bull who was a baby at heart, and so is this 
rooster.  I had to pick him up and carry him in 3 times, he has never 
roosted inside, his home had other roosters and they beat up on him all the time. 
My friend who gave him to me told me she felt so sorry for him.  

This is how he slept the first two nights.  Now he gets himself turned around in the nest box, and nestles there, next to one of the hens.  I have never had so many chickens who like to roost in the nest boxes, and I have to clean them out every morning.  As I am getting so few eggs, I guess it doesn't matter!  

I thought this was interesting, I always fill this fortex in the morning, 
because the squirrels and little birds drink from it all day, along with whatever chicken is near. 

Those are raccoon paws in the fortex.  Uh huh. 

I used to be afraid to look out because of Cogburn, however, if I even show my face for a minute, I hear tap-tap-tapping at the door.  See the red hen?  She had been tapping.  
They are spoiled. 

However... I am going to start treating them OFF the porch, I have to power wash porch and deck, they are not discriminating when they have to go, if you get my drift!

I end with a Random Act of Kindness.  For years, I have read "Sugar Pie Farmhouse", a blog written by a wife and antiques dealer in the Ozarks, in Branson, who is called "Aunt Ruthie".  She linked to another blog the other day called "MorningChores".... and they both suggested doing this, a random act treating someone who helps you all year, and not just at Christmas. 

I heard the trash truck come up the road on Monday, I am the last customer on the road, and 
they commonly turn in our driveway entrance.  They were there a little longer on Monday morning as they found these on top of the trash bin.  What a great idea from Aunt Ruthie, thank you! 

The mailman will get his on Friday, and I am taking a batch to the feed store tomorrow, they help me all year (the main helper gets a cash tip, too)... don't forget all these folks that help us 
through thick and thin. 


  1. Hari OM
    Ferdinand is rather handsome (and I love the bull!) Autumn is gorgeous and matches beautifully with Twinkle - I love your 'ussie'!!! YAM xx

  2. Jester won't get his daily aerobics in now that Twinkle has a feline friend!

  3. So much is happening at your place.Autumn is sweet. Am sure the trash man and mailman will appreciate the treats.

  4. What a beautiful new addition to the house! Two cats on your lap at the same time is a blessing. No doubt you'll be keeping warm and cozy all winter. Yes, such a good idea to remember those that help us all year long. I'm sure they'll enjoy those cookies! Almost Christmas and still much to do here.

  5. she is beautiful! it won't be long before she is 100% part of your family. stellie rose

  6. Love the photo of you sitting with the two cats sprawled out on you! And that rooster--he looks monstrous! Special blessings on you and your family--and all your animals--during this holy season and throughout the coming year!

  7. I "tip" my newspaper carrier. I figure anyone who gets up that early in all kinds of weather also deserves a gift at Christmas.

    I have a hard time keeping my younger cat from biting. I tell her, "We don't bite Momma!" Then my sister comes over and lets Marie chew on her...

  8. Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Mary Ann!

    M : )

  9. Welcome Autumn! We bet Jester adjusts very quickly. Isn't Ferdinand the bull who sang the "Won't Back Down" song? We hope he is nicer than Cogburn! Such activity at your place!

    Happy Merry Everything!

    Murphy & Stanley & Pawrents

  10. Hello Mary Ann! What beautiful cats you have! They sure will be good lap warmers this winter and I hope they will include Jester in their games some. I really love seeing photos of my friends with their fur babies now, it's been so lonesome without any padding around in our house and it seems like I notice every fur baby I see on ads or programs now. But it won't be long now till our new ones come home and then I'll have a smile on my face when they're in my lap--just like you! Love it!

    Take care, dear Mary Ann,

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  12. I really likes your blog! You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read!
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