Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Pioneer Woman, Continued

On Saturday, we were a party of five for a while: 

Clockwise from left: 

Deb, Felicia (Flea), Yours Truly (Mary Ann), Jennifer, and Jennifer's mom, Doreen

Doreen is Deb's sister, and Jennifer, of course, her niece.  We teased her about a weekend trip with the old fogies! 

As you see, breakfasts were substantial, and satisfying. 

A lovely young waitress asked if she could take pictures for us! 

Felicia came in just for breakfast, and a little flea-marketing afterwards. 

I ate lightly, having a lovely cup of hot chocolate 
and a cinnamon roll straight out of the Pioneer Woman cookbook. 

It was good! 


Not just rain, thunderstorms! 

Deb and Flea were able to have a good reunion.  Flea lives in Tulsa and drove 
over for breakfast with us.  She told us that the wait time can be up 
to three hours for the restaurant! 

On the wall behind them are pictures of the Drummond family working cattle 
on their ranch. 

The Mercantile is in an old National Biscuit Co. building... Nabisco... 
and was enhanced with this beautiful woodwork.  Flea does 
woodburning artwork, and liked this. 

The Drummond brand is featured in the kitchen wall. 

I have to say that I am sure the employees get crabby on 
busy weekends, but even the cooks in the kitchen seemed to be smiling a lot, and though some of the employees looked tired at the end of Friday ALL were so very nice to us. 

Here is the brand again in tile in a side doorway.  

Beautiful tile that matched the building, well done, Drummonds! 

The door where the tile appeared.  Notice they are open at 7 AM! 

This is a side door, the main door is on the corner. 

I have an aside about the restrooms... they are huge, old-fashioned looking, and VERY CLEAN. 

Almost every store front, though, on Kihekah, has a prominent sign on it

Be prepared! 

The ghost doorway of a JC Penney store on Kihekah.  My guess 
is by this time next year, this town will be BOOMING again. 
Within two years, it will be a huge attraction for this area. 

So, since it was still raining, we did a little flea-marketing, 
and then went back to the Whiting for a little rest. 

I actually drove over to the Immaculate Conception church, called 
The Cathedral of the Osage. 

I was unable to get in, tours are Wednesday through Friday, but I could
tell from the outside that it was a beautiful church with 
huge stained glass windows.  I had just my phone to take 
pictures, so did not take it out in the rain.  

Many Osage converted to Catholicism, and they have kind of a sad story, one which I would like to know more about.  (a future post).  

About five, we decided to go to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in a rainstorm (with thunder and lightening)! 

My gosh, the prairies.  It makes you realize how 
insignificant we truly are on this earth. 

Again, I had just my phone... I hated to take the camera out in the weather. 

But the expanse!  It made your heart sing! 

There are about 3000 of these on the preserve.  I did not get ONE good picture. 

We saw many little calves, and on our way out, 
lightening began striking the ground, and the buffalo began to run. 

There are signs frequently that say "Bison are loose.  Do NOT get out of your cars". 

We believed them, because close up, they are HUGE. 

This beautiful sculpture was at the Preserve 
headquarters which were CLOSED ON SATURDAY. 

Mystifies me how tourist places are closed on Saturday. 

I lightened this up so you could see the buffalo in the distance.  It truly is a wonderful place. 

We stopped at the Blacksmith's house as we left to go to Bad Brad's Barbecue for dinner. 

Bad Brad's is about 12 blocks from downtown, but the food was good. 

The blacksmith was a Swiss who was brought in to take care of the 
hooves of the horses of the Osage.  His house houses the chamber of commerce. 

There is a lovely sculpture there, too. 

After we got back, Deb, Doreen and Jennifer settled in for a real 
family visit. 

I took my camera and went out onto Kihekah to take a few pictures 
between the rain drops. 

As I said before, I believe in one year, life will come back to 
this town and people will be walking the streets late into the night. 

This was from the balcony of the Whiting. 
Each room is provided with a bistro table and chairs to take 
out at night to visit on the balcony.  Unfortunately, 
it rained so much we did not get to sit outside. 
What a lovely idea, though. 

Lights lit up the 200 steps up to the courthouse at night. 

Deb, Doreen and Jennifer said goodbye in the parking lot of the
McDonalds located fairly close out of the town proper. 

And Deb took one last picture of me before we said goodbye to the Whiting, 
and started for home. 

It was a lovely weekend trip, but my, I was glad to get home to my babies 
and my own bed 

Deb, likewise. 

We recommend a trip to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile. 
We are telling you to wear comfy shoes and be prepared for a wait when you get there. 

If you are going primarily for the Mercantile, stay one night at the 
Whiting if you can do stairs, and you will be close enough to walk back and forth. 

For history buffs, there are museums and the Tallgrass Prairie.  


  1. I would LOVE to visit! And I loved the tall-grass prairie. When Rick was going to vet school at K-State, we were near a tall-grass prairie preserve, but there was lots of it to see in private ownership around Pottawatomie County and Tuttle Creek Reservoir.

  2. Hari OM
    Aw heck, this is triggering my wanderlust again... tsk... am going to be Scotland-locked for quite some time, but golly it is a delight to tour via your lens!!! Those statues are wonderful and to see bison where they belong is heart-lifting. YAM xx

  3. In these days of gender-bending, maybe the Drummonds should rethink their brand, in case it has a meaning that none of us know about! - lol

  4. great job!!! I think the pictures were great...I could tell I was super tired in that last deb

  5. I love this!! Next time you come, visit Woolaroc. You'll see bison up close. It's not far from the Merc.

  6. what fun! did you buy anything at the merc?

  7. What a fun group. Bet you found some good things to buy mom sure would have
    Lily & Edward

  8. It looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

  9. Even with all the rain you all seemed to really enjoy yourselves. Certainly is lots to see and do there no matter the weather. You really got some wonderful pictures !

  10. Sounds and looks like a wonderful trip!

  11. That looked like such a fantastic trip!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. Love all your pictures, and your hints for this trip.
    Maybe one day, I'll make it there :)

    I think it's so nice that the Drummonds are vital to that little community, and that the community will benefit from their revitalization efforts in the downtown area. I agree.. that area will most likely grow and many jobs will be available for the townsfolk.
    It would be nice if all little towns could experience a comeback as that :)


  13. Someday, maybe we'll get there.
    We go to Oklahoma a lot so maybe a side trip.

    Great info too!

    M : )

  14. Looks like a very neat place to visit!


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