Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Garden, Spring 2017

Well, it's kinda overgrown: 

My plant markers for the iris are gone. 

That does not make them less beautiful. 

Old fashioned small yellow 

And blue 

These are in another bed. 

My peonies are not opened yet, or rather... I should say ONE is, just one 
blossom.  The others are about to open, I have two established plants. 

You see that things are still overgrown. 

The grass was mowed this morning, and I have found 
someone who will haul my big mower out for me. 

Once I move (which will not be until July) then I will have Brandon, the young 
man cutting grass, trim everything with his weed eater. 

Love the flowers in the evening. 

And the birds!  I am going to have so much fun watching the birds. 

See the planting bed behind the bird feeder? 
The rose in the planting bed? 

The rose bush is blooming! 

I took this this morning, just before a strong storm. 

These are larger blue iris, and gorgeous.  I will work 
slowly on the beds, a little at a time, digging out all the weeds. 

There is the only peony open, from across the yard. 

I'm trying not to put a TON of feed out there until I move, 
because I am already feeding three raccoons.  
This red wing chattered at me while I took my pictures, he was 
waiting to fly down to the feeder and start eating. 

Once I am moved, and the chickens are there, all cat food 
will be taken up at night, so that the raccoons and the possums will 
leave the deck alone.  I also think Lilly's presence will dissuade them. 
I'm keeping Jes away from them, one of the raccoons is huge. 

The little abandoned cat, half-grown, is still coming to the deck to eat and 
it hurts me to see him/her groom himself/herself and lay there, 
like she/he thinks her owners are still there.  What she must think 
about the raccoons! 

This morning, before the storm, I was cutting and pulling vines from the old henhouse (I forgot to take a picture).  In the middle of all the Virginia Creeper, was a poison ivy vine! 
Luckily, I saw it in time and did not get near it.  It's the one thing I have no compunction about 
spraying... UGH!  

The huge old walnut is being enveloped with grape vine, so I am going to start working on it.  Instead of a green goddess swaying in the wind, I am going to have an old tree with dead brown vines all over it, but ... what the hey! 

Here is the tree in April, before the vines leafed out.  Trying to find one of the 
vine covered tree now. 

And there she is, just a few days ago.  I walked over to 
make sure I wasn't looking at a poison ivy tree, and was 
glad to see it was (mostly) grapevine.  I'll start their 
removal tomorrow. 


  1. Everything looks lovely to me. In my opinion living in the country should not be stressful and you should not need to keep your lawn manicured as you might do living in a tight neighborhood. Country life needs to be more carefree and relaxing. A place where you can eat watermelon in the backyard and spit your seeds . . . then if they sprout let them grow, LOL.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh my word you will have so much to fill your days Mary Ann, but in wonderful way. Glad you've got some young brawn to deal with the grass though. YAM xx

  3. I LOVE YOUR IRIS. Beautiful flowers and they are one of my favorites.
    Lots of work, but if you go slow and don't get in a hurry, you'll get it done.

  4. Beautiful flowers.
    It's wonderful that each spring we get to enjoy old fashioned blooms :)

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Sounds as though you have your mind made up to move. Glad to see all the blooming flowers. I have moved and have none here. I've sold my old house and miss the ones I had there.

  6. Gorgeous. We love flowers and gardens
    Lily & Edward

  7. So happy for you. I know how much you love this place.

  8. Well, where have I been?
    Are you moving back to the old house?
    The flowers are beautiful!

    M : )

  9. Well I did some back searching and now I am caught up.
    There was a reason you did not sell the other house.
    Now you can come back and enjoy.
    Please know that we are a phone call away.

    M: )

  10. so you are moving back!? i think it's a great idea. you always loved that place so much! good for you!

  11. Beautiful iris! It is wonderful to see the yard - what weeds?? Look past them until you are ready to attack them

  12. I know you'll be happy to move back into the old house. Take your time to get things in order and don't over do it. Those weeds will wait for you!

  13. So beautiful! It is easy to see why this is your place of peace and joy!

    Happy MOther's Day!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Sounds like you've decided to move! I know you love the place, and I would want to be in the country again, too.


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