Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fan Girl Crushing with the Fab Four, the Ultimate Tribute

Friday night, I took the night off. 

I have been worrying constantly, about living expenses, about moving 
expenses, whether to go back or not, etc.. 

Worrying about family. 

Worrying about spending money on my trip. 

Bless KCPT, Channel 19 in Kansas City, for front row tickets to the 
Fab Four, the Ultimate Tribute (Beatles). 

I went back 50 years and I had a blast. 

We were in the beautiful Midland Theater (Loew's Midland, built in 1927, and yes, I worked there, too, lo these many years ago). 

Now called "The Arvest Bank at the Midland".  

What you see in this picture is the sequestered area where 50 of us waited for the 
four "lads" to arrive for the pre-show meet and greet. 
They were late, so we played Beatle's trivia... and Miss Wikipedia 
finally shut her mouth so other people could get some answers in. 

Gavin Pring as George Harrison 
(oh, yes, I was close) 
Gavin is actually FROM Liverpool. 

Ron McNeil as John Lennon.  Ron is the mastermind between 
the casts who perform for the Fab Four, and has been for 
20 years.  

Joe Bologna as Ringo Starr... "peace and love" 

Ardy Sarraf as Paul McCartney

As they explained today, a "cover band" simply 
plays another band's songs in their own style. 
A "tribute" band plays the songs exactly as 
they were played in the original production. 

These guys play the songs as if the Beatles were 
actually playing a two hour concert.  (which they 
didn't, their concerts lasted about 35 minutes post-Hamburg) 

They can be found on YouTube, and there are several people 
who post their concerts, if you want to listen to them. 

Anyway, I was a donor to KCPT, and I got a perk because of it. 

No, not the up-close-and-personal Ardy

Or Ron.... 

It was this: 


For those of you who are interested, 
The Fab Four are doing the entire Sgt. Pepper's album (now 50 years old) tomorrow 
night on AXS TV at 7 PM Central time.  If you have AXS, it would be worth 
a watch, I guarantee a good time for you! 

Nice guys, too... and wonderful performers! 

Thanks again, KCPT! 


  1. Sounds like a fun time! Glad you got to go and spend an evening away from all that other.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh Mary Ann...I's a bit green with jelly!!! So glad you got this opportunity. Such things really help to decompress the tension - I could do with a bit of that myself at the moment. Worry is such an insidious drain on one's energy; and nine times out of ten it was all for nothing! Sending hugs, YAM xx

  3. What a fabulous night out. Glad you got a night out.

  4. So happy for you to have the opportunity to see such a fun concert!!

    Have a great day!!


  5. what fun! i am also a big beatles fan!

  6. Love the picture Mary Ann. I bet it was a great concert.

  7. So glad you got such a fun break from life's worries!


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