Sunday, August 14, 2016

The House Smells Like Dill Pickles!

One day soon, I am going to be able to get back 
on the road and get some pictures.  

On Friday (or was it Thursday???) I saw a 
badger, my very first one in the wild.  I stopped the car and watched him, 
as he was watching me.... and saw him cross the road ten feet in 
front of the car.  No camera. 

I will never forget it, and as Keith said when I told him... "Don't mess with the badgers".  I won't. 

I visited some friends today. 

How glad I was to see them after not seeing them since Monday. 

They got some treats, too... there is a watermelon half out of view in the lower part of the picture. 

I spread some scratch for the turkeys in the nesting room, so they could eat without being bullied. 

This is the oddest flock of chickens.  I have never, ever had chickens that eat the entire watermelon... rind and all. 

I am giving them grit and they get snacks of vegetables... but they are never out on grass.  

They are in great health, as you see. 

You can see the cucumbers are slowly petering out. (Thank heavens!) 

I had plenty for one batch of kosher dills tonight,  and some treats for the chickens. 

Some big ones got away from me, and are going to be growing out of the compost dump next season. 
See the corn?  It's from the birdseed.  I am letting that stalk grow just for fun. 

There are some irises there also that I threw away, thinking they were dead. 
They weren't. 

The grass isn't growing, but the corn all around the feeding area is.  

I actually hung a feeder today, and am going to put the nyger 
feeder back up, after seeing goldfinches the other night. 

The big birds, the cowbirds, grackles and starlings, have been staying away 
for the last month. 

How, may I ask, did this cucumber hide from me in plain sight???

We still need rain so badly. 

Real, actual proof that Fall Is On The Way!!!!

The finished product (still can't pack 'em tightly, doggone it!) 


  1. The smell of dill must have been wonderful there at your house. I've not made pickles in a long time. Glad you have those chickens to visit as I know you love them and I'm thinking they must appreciate you too.

  2. Hari OM
    I met a flock of chooks last week, free range and and a pair of feisty giant cockerels... fine critters to have around. I love cucumber... but maybe not that much! Satisfying to see all those jars though... and badgers can be feisty. Best viewed from afar! YAM xx

  3. I finally pulled our cucumbers out of the ground because I was tired of making pickles.

  4. My aunt and grandmother canned veggies. I've never had the gumption to try it, but I certainly enjoyed their efforts.

    I love chickens and would so enjoy having some to spoil. I'd rather they belong to someone else, though.

  5. We need rain here, too. And pickles smell a lot better than cooked cabbage!

  6. might have to skip any more canning this summer. too much wedding baking on the schedule!

  7. You have some smart chickens eating all the watermelon BOL
    Lily & Edward

  8. look at all of those pickles!

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