Sunday, August 29, 2010

Powell Gardens for our Birthdays

We decided to celebrate our birthdays with a trip to Powell Gardens in Missouri.  We waited until Saturday, in between mine on August 25, and Keith's on September 10.  We got up early and did chores, and then left for the 50 mile drive to the large gardens.  I had not been there in ten years, and Keith had never been.  We enjoyed seeing the plantings, despite the fact that we had missed the bloom of high summer, and the mums had not come on yet.  There was enough to keep us taking pictures, discussing planting schemes, and hatching plans for Calamity Acres. We got lots of good ideas, and a visit to a nursery on the way home gave us more.  Now Keith has spent the weekend planting four trees we bought on Friday  -- special trees, two dwarf apples and two dwarf pears, the first of our fruit trees! 

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