Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Pond Now, August, 2010

This is what weeks of no rain will do. 

Our neighbor's ponds to the east are still full... they are very, very deep and stocked with fish.  Ours, however, was simply a hole in the ground where we took dirt to make a pad to build a barn that was never built.  The rainwater filled the hole, and our ducks were happy.  For a while, the geese could even swim in the pond and clean themselves, but little by little, it silted shut.  In the spring, we are going to have a proper pond dug, with a dam and a spill pipe.  On Friday night, we counted 16 green frogs in the last of the water in the middle of what was their own little pond.  This morning, Sunday, there were only one or two, so maybe they have started the trek downhill to our neighbor's big ponds to stay alive.  Still, I miss our pond... the frogs, the tadpoles, the birds and llamas and (ponies) who drank there. I can't wait until we have another.

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