Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beat the Heat

Inca and Tony learned from Mama, while she was still here.  She taught them to stay in the shade during the worst part of the day, and to lay by the troughs for the coolness of the water.  In the morning they stay at the south fence in the shade of the cottonwoods, but in the afternoon, they come up to the troughs for the cool ground.  Tony appears to be getting along better than Inca, who is suffering in the terrible heat of this week (114 heat index).  She is eating, but only in the evening, it looks like, and is conserving her energy.  If the pond were still there, she would stand in it and cool off, but she won't let me spray her with the hose, and walks away indignantly. She is the one animal I am really worried for in the heat.

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