Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Once there was Rambo, King of the Big Henhouse.  Rambo had a deputy, Fred, the Japanese Bantam rooster, white with a black tail.  Now, descendants of these two roosters are in my flock... Fred's four year old boys Butch (of the One Eye) and Studley, and their children One, Two, Three and Four, who are three this year.  Ratchett, the Hooster, is the King of the Little Henhouse.  He has Silka, the last silkie hen, and the half-Polish Flicka, and the Maniac Hen, as his harem.  In the big henhouse, Studley and Butch reigned supreme until Butch was vanquished to the feed room to be my pet, left with only one eye after a battle.  Studley lorded it over the remaining hens, and the other smaller roosters.  Last year, we had one male chick that looked like Rambo's last son... tall, high tail feathers, his dad's shape.  Baby Rambo has grown into a beautiful rooster.  Yesterday I heard a squawk, and saw Rambo Jr. chase Studley across the big henyard. Then, I watched as Studley was afraid to go into the big henhouse at nightfall.   Tonight, I found him in the little henhouse.  Ratchett was not bothering him... maybe he is afraid of him... and the three little hens were ignoring him.  I'm glad he found a place to go. 

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