Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Worry for the Weekend

Four days ago, I noticed Samantha, our beautiful African goose that we brought here a tiny gosling, standing quietly in one of the doghouses in the henyard. She didn't honk as she always does to me, but stood there oddly, bent over. Hurrying through chores before work, I spoke to her as I went by, but did not bend to look at her. It was not until the next day that I realized there was a nasty place on her right front breast. The feathers were hanging oddly, and she was still silent. I watched her walk under the little henhouse and hold her neck very, very still. I realized there was a wound there. Another day went by, and husband was out of town. I did not want to stress her out by chasing her, but realized something bad was going on. Last night he came home and kindly came out before changing to see what was going on with our lovely girl. As he picked her up he made a low-voiced comment.... look..... she had maggots in a wound that something had caused across her breast. I know she has not (maybe cannot) laid down in 4 days now, but she seems able to walk a little and also to drink a little and keep her bill clean. We soaked the wound with iodine and this morning, checking it, found all the maggots gone. There is a bad smell.... it scares me.... but we did not put her down because we want to give her a fighting chance. I see her now out in the horseyard with the other geese... and see that she is still holding her head oddly. My heart goes out to her... we will not let her suffer long, but we want to see if she can heal this terrible wound that we think a raccoon or possum made on her. Living in the country is sometimes not easy, we have had to put down injured birds and animals numerous times since moving here, but Sammy, if it happens, will get an honorable burial by Rambo and my bench at the pond, where she and Timmy and the ducks were so happy.

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