Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy the Duck

Last Monday, when Sierra and Josie went home to our friend, Theresa brought me a little drake to keep my three Duckie Girls, Martha, Mary and Mattie, company. Out from his cat carrier he came, into the big henyard, bustling with chickens. He was disoriented and didn't realize where he was. Bewildered, he walked around rather sadly, feathers sticking up every which way. Soon, Mattie and Mary came and discovered him, and there was much joyful quacking as they introduced each other. It was two days before he realized how to get out of the henyard, so he contented himself with eating and bathing in the swimming pool there. Now he is with his girls, going from yard to pasture and back, and swimming on the now full again pond. He IS happy... and the feathers are ruffly, so he must not be pure Pekin, though he looks it. He is a Happy Duck!

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