Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time to Get Outa Here!

Baby Rambo, his two sisters, and his mama Rosewitha are outgrowing the rabbit hutch they have lived their lives in for the past eight weeks. Time to rotate cages... Baby Rambo and his family to the pen in the henyard, and Dovey and her three small bantam chicks to the rabbit hutch. The Silkie Sisters have the run of the little henhouse, so will be fine in there for another two months with their five babies, who are way too small to launch on the world. Today will be the day that the moves are made, so that Rosewitha and her babies can spread out a little, and see the world. We'll wrap the pen in chicken wire to keep Mr. T at bay, and the Four Little Red Hens, Nellie, Beryl, Grace and Mabel, will have to give in and sleep in the big henhouse or in the other doghouse. I wish they would go into the big henhouse where they can be safely shut up from raccoon and oppossum, but short of catching them each evening, it ain't gonna happen!

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