Sunday, November 24, 2019

And... the Holidays are Upon Us!

Center, for our Santa's Country Christmas event on the 
14th and 15th of December. 

Two years ago, we hardly decorated anything but the barn and the train depot. 


Last year, we began to decorate a few more buildings. 

This year... well, we have been busy, and one of our volunteers, 
Debbie, has been particularly busy!  I won't show what she is 
doing, yet. 

We use the General Store for crafts at Christmas time. 
I don't know if you can tell, but we went with a Snowman 
these this year, the trees are not decorated, but we have snowmen 
scattered around the store. The tree in the center is lit. 

Yes, the sun was glinting off the display case, but I can 
tell you it looks so festive.  There are lights in the windows of 
this building and the Hatchery. 

The schoolhouse has a tree, and bows in the windows. 

(kids make a craft to decorate this tree) 

There are small hints of Christmas (and a tree) in the Smith farmhouse. 

I will be changing out the greenery as we get closer to Christmas, it smelled 
heavenly.... but... we wanted the "candles" on for a school tour last Wednesday. 

There were greenery and candles all around the farmhouse.  I tried to keep it 
simple, in keeping with the history. 

I had a lot of fun doing all this, but yes, it takes many hours for me and the other volunteers to pull this off. 

We have lots of new things this year, I can't wait to show you all. 

Our admission fee for this event is 5.00 A CARLOAD. 

Yes, 5.00 a carload! 

There is a Reindeer 5K run (or 1K walk) on Saturday morning, and then we are open from 
10-5 on Saturday, and noon to 4 on Sunday.  

For the tour on Wednesday, Charles, our bee expert, 
showed a new frame he had made in one of the hives, so he could 
show the bees up close and personal to the kids! 

It was fascinating to see and hear the bees. 

The frame was put back in the hive when we finished. 

Two of our men volunteers were busy putting up the 
banner on the corner as I was leaving.  

Of course, our train will be running, barring any heavy snow... and Santa will be seeing all the kids coming ... instead of in our train depot, he will be in the main museum building this year in a winter wonderland... more on that later. 

I can tell that I, and my fellow volunteers, will be glad when it is all over, and I suspect I am going to store some of the things I hauled over last year and this year there, so I won't have to haul them again!

This huge Santa, that I found at Dollar General, will be going over, but 
coming back here for our family Christmas, my two year old 
great-granddaughter is coming this year. 

Back to farm stuff...

I got another ten bales of hay two weeks ago today, and I am satisfied I have enough 
for winter, unless for some reason we have a terrible one.  I did talk to my hay man that night, and he told me he has plenty, which relieved me.  
There is still grazing, so the sheep are turned out all day long in the pasture and in the yard. 
They won't be able to come in the yard next summer, once I have planted flowers. 

The stinkers! 

Actually, they do not do this very often.  I have even quit closing off the doorways with the 

I still find it so very peaceful to watch them grazing, they have just been great pets, and yes, they ARE pets. 

They crack me up, they were standing there calling me. 

The beautiful tree is done now, for the year. 

My beautiful Ferdie, the oldest rooster here, has been 
picked on by his clone son, Buddy.  He has been living on the house side of the yard, I don't know if he is flying over or getting through somehow I have not seen yet. 

He has plenty of food and water, and I put him back in the henhouse every night.  If any 
rooster would go, it would be Buddy, the protector but also the combative one. 

He hid out yesterday in the overgrown garden beds.  

I'm getting ready to go out and put everyone to bed, including 
Ferdie... have a great week everyone! 


  1. Hari OM
    this year has flown by... putting up dad's tree for him brought the months tumbling around me!!! Awww poor Ferdie. Hope he finds a place of respite (of his own). YAM xx

  2. I bet it's a lot of work getting ready for an event at your AG.

    That's funny, that the sheep call to you. They are stinkers.

    You have a wonderful week Mary Ann.

  3. Bless you for all you do. You are going to make the holidays happier for all who visit. I love the season of the year and will be decorating as soon as I get all the fall stuff taken down and put away. I think I'll have to buy some fresh greenery. The smell is absolutely wonderful. Happy Holidays to you! Take care and keep warm!


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