Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Succulent Re-Planting

I have taken a new-found interest in succulents, for some reason, 
after pretty much ignoring them my whole life. 

I've been transplanting some because I find they 
outgrow their containers before I know it! 

This is the container into which I transplanted today. 

I got it last week at Tractor Supply, and I love it.  

I really know how to style pictures, don't I? 

My son Jim drilled two holes in the bottom, because, in fact, it is not really  a 
planter per se, but a "holder" for plant pots. 

Because I was planting succulents, I was not too worried about leakage... but I did do this: 

I covered the hole with part of this morning's Kansas City Star. 

Here is what I have been using for my succulents.

Look at the roots when I pulled the plants out! 

Here they are after re-potting... you can't see from this picture, 
but there are baby aloe plants all along that center stem.  I am going 
to end up repotting this one again, I believe! 

Then, I took the empty aloe pot, and transplanted this plant into it
(fresh dirt) as soon as it was empty.  The leaves of this came off... at least, many did... and I stuck 
them down into the dirt, and believe I will get a bunch of little plants off it. 
Hope my friends are all wanting some succulents! 

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. 

Oh, well.  

I am loving growing these... and am going to run out of space soon! 

Do any of you grow succulents? 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another Bright Day

Before I get to the bright part of the day, 
let me ask for prayers for all the firemen and women on the 
lines in central Kansas and the other plains states currently burning. 

Firefighters from our county have been rotating in and out 
of the lines for the last few days.  Last night, at dusk, 
the haze was thick in our air. 

Today it was again, though it has blown 
by for the immediate moment. 

Kansas is in high gear fighting this terrible scourge. 

Please pray for our brave fighters. 

After the sun was able to come clear up,  we have had a beautiful day here. 

It started a little sadly... 

That's Re-Pete, the secondary Speckled Sussex rooster at the Ag. 
I found him dead this morning.  No marks on him... but these birds 
have had upper respiratory for a while.  He had clearly been dead most of the night. 

His comb and wattles look pretty dark, don't they?  But I think that's blood flow as it 

He looked fine yesterday. 

That is he in the lower middle, the other rooster is near the water fountain.  He is the more dominant of the two, also a beauty. 

I'm watching the rest of the birds closley. 

I gloved up and carried him into the woods. 
I ran back over there two hours later, and an animal had already pecked at his head. 

I left a camera on him.  I figure something will carry him away tonight. 

Someone rolled in the stinky spot again. 

(I took all these with my phone). 

The Water Baby was in her element, but please 
notice that she is dragging the long leash.  Yes, I suffered a 
qualm about it getting caught on something, because she actually went swimming for a few minutes. 

Jester was keeping an eye on the five honking geese on the pond. 


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Golden Days

I'm dying to know what is living in here. 

You know me. 

The days have been golden.  
There are some down sides to that. 

Wild onion is up, and I think there is nothing better than smelling it as 
you cut the first grass of the season. 

While Chris was here, we walked the dogs at Angel Falls.  The Water Baby LOVES to 
go in the creek. 
Note where the water is in that picture, taken ten days ago. 

By yesterday, the stream had narrowed significantly, we need 
rain badly here. 

I bought a 20 foot lead for Lil, so she can go way out in the creek.  She was hot in this picture, it was 77 out. 

This is the drainage basin at Basehor City Park, running down to the creek.  The rock bottom was showing through at the end of last week. 

Last night was a night of wild storms here, including tornados which touched down on the 
Missouri side of the metro, doing great damage. 

The basin had water in it this morning, I was glad to see that.  The birds use it daily. 

Someone was sunning himself on the walk way.  I'm so glad I saw him, 
he was very sluggish and did not even move when I touched him. 

Too cold for little snakes today! 

This is a barn two miles from where I live.  This barn and the one next to it 
were over 100 years old.  The storm last night got it. 

Look at that 100 year old wood! 

The chickens at the ag came through the storm well, except the plastic on their 
door and windows blew away.  So much for my stapling extra yesterday. 

See these thirteen eggs? 

They came out of only 3 of these slots in the nest box.  
Chickens crack me up. 

Except for trash cans blown all over... there was thankfully no damage to the old buildings. 

And everyone was happy. 

This little group of mallards was on the pasture pond as we went to the park.  

It is so shallow, I don't think geese can land there now.  

I stayed one second too long, taking four pictures. 
The rule for nature photography is DO NO HARM and don't disturb the birds/animals. 

My bad. 

And I really mean my bad, I hate disturbing them. 

Lilly will be twelve this summer.  The drool worries me, she does it as we walk. 

Totally gratuitous picture of the best Bostie in the world!