Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Another Bright Day

Before I get to the bright part of the day, 
let me ask for prayers for all the firemen and women on the 
lines in central Kansas and the other plains states currently burning. 

Firefighters from our county have been rotating in and out 
of the lines for the last few days.  Last night, at dusk, 
the haze was thick in our air. 

Today it was again, though it has blown 
by for the immediate moment. 

Kansas is in high gear fighting this terrible scourge. 

Please pray for our brave fighters. 

After the sun was able to come clear up,  we have had a beautiful day here. 

It started a little sadly... 

That's Re-Pete, the secondary Speckled Sussex rooster at the Ag. 
I found him dead this morning.  No marks on him... but these birds 
have had upper respiratory for a while.  He had clearly been dead most of the night. 

His comb and wattles look pretty dark, don't they?  But I think that's blood flow as it 

He looked fine yesterday. 

That is he in the lower middle, the other rooster is near the water fountain.  He is the more dominant of the two, also a beauty. 

I'm watching the rest of the birds closley. 

I gloved up and carried him into the woods. 
I ran back over there two hours later, and an animal had already pecked at his head. 

I left a camera on him.  I figure something will carry him away tonight. 

Someone rolled in the stinky spot again. 

(I took all these with my phone). 

The Water Baby was in her element, but please 
notice that she is dragging the long leash.  Yes, I suffered a 
qualm about it getting caught on something, because she actually went swimming for a few minutes. 

Jester was keeping an eye on the five honking geese on the pond. 


  1. Hari OM
    RIP Re-Pete... did indeed look so strong yesterday... a reminder to us all! Prayers for all the firies... YAM xx

  2. so sad. i guess chicken can die fast. we have such wind here!!! and snow is on the way which makes me so happy.

  3. Poor Re-Pete! I did the same thing. Instead of burying (except for a few extra special chicken pets) I took them to field by the lake in order to give another critter a meal. It's recycling at its best, but still sad.

  4. Sorry about Re-Pete. Looks like the dogs had a good day.

  5. The Ag is lucky to have you!
    You do a great job.

    Hopefully the snow will help those
    fires that are going on.

    M : )

  6. Is snow forecast for you? I know the firefighters need all the help they can get. This takes me back to the recent fires in Gatlinburg and NC. My cousin and her husband had just moved into their new house at the foothills of the mountains and one night had to get up and start gathering important papers, etc. in case of being evacuated. It was stopped before it reached them, but the smoke affected the air quality all the way to where my son and his family live. It was scary enough when my husband and I had to evacuate in FL this year from Hurricane Matthew but at least we had advance notice. Fire is terrifying.

  7. Sending our thoughts to all the firefighters.

  8. Will say prayers for everybody. Fires like that are just horrible.

    I'm glad you didn't have to wade out and get her. Jes, you stinky boy.

    Sorry about the roo.

  9. Oh no poor baby. It's sad when any furry friends pass
    Lily & Edward

  10. Well I wonder what happened to him. We have seen so many fires on the news, and all the firefighters working so hard to keep us all safe. stella rose


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