Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Tour Around the County

We have been in a drought, a "moderate" drought as the weathermen call it. 

Remember last fall???  (I don't, very much, actually) 
The Farmer's Almanac warned that our area was going to have a bitter winter, 
with lots of snow and prolonged cold. 


We need moisture.

This was my favorite little pasture pond last week. 

Look at it tonight!  In fact, that was this afternoon before the last big rain tonight. 

If you squint, you will see four blue winged teal on it. 

Hmmmm... maybe two mallards, two teal (one was to the left). 

This is the drain at the park where we walk all the time on the 5th: 

It's not your eyes, the picture is blurry.  I was watching this daily, 
knowing that the water source for the animals in the park was 
drying up day by day. 

This is the drainage ditch that goes into it. 

I take weird pictures. 

Oh, yes. 

My side yard. 

And my back yard. 

There were a LOT of good smells in the park. 

Turn up the volume and hear the frogs! 


  1. I don't see anything weird about them!

  2. Well, we finally got the rain and I am not complaining
    but I am in need of some sunshine!! My kids at school
    need to go outside!

    Oh well.

    M : )

  3. Hari OM
    I like your 'different' shots - they show us what you see and that's what blogging is about! Here's to no dought. YAM xx

  4. We had record snow falls and it keeps coming - hopefully that will be enough moisture for us for a while.

  5. We had a mild winter and we're having a lot of rain here. Sometimes I wish it would quit. But we have to be thankful for no drought conditions. Lovely pictures of your part of the country today. Mine is very wet.

  6. I had a frog capture the other day. We moved a pile of wood and frogs went everywhere. Since we were using the tractor, had the truck and 20 foot trailer and also the ATV.........I chased down all the frogs. I relocated them to the side of the barn where they would be safe from tires.

    We've had plenty of rain the past couple of weeks. STORMED last night. Sounded like it was flooding.

    good to hear from you,
    Happy weekend.

  7. we hardly had winter this year. we had hardly any snow at all. we've had a bit of rain but if we don't get some soon, we will be in trouble.

  8. We would love to send you some water! Our drought is officially over!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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