Sunday, March 26, 2017

How Could It Be March 26?

Despite promises to post more frequently, I have not posted for 2 weeks! 

I'm sorry.  Life keeps intervening. 

For those of you who have been widowed, you know what I mean. 

My son Jim has been ill... he is normally in good health, 
works out at a gym at 4 AM daily, has, for years.  
He was playing catch with Jax, swung his head around suddenly, 
and caused calcium deposits to move in his inner ear.  He 
has had vertigo for going on ten days now.  For someone 
who delivers for a living, this is not good! 

Next Thursday, I'll take him to a specialist (he has been 
to Urgent Care and the ER) to see if there is anything 
that can be done for him, he cannot drive, and cannot 
walk hardly at all.  He is on FMLA to protect his job. 

Prayers requested for his quick recovery. 

Or just his recovery!  

I have taken many pictures. but I find that I
delete as many as half now.  I do not get satisfied with 
them as easily as I did in the past. 

I'll share a few with you. 

Oh... and I have a surprise coming up, but 
am not able to share it for another week or so. 

Look who was visiting at the Ag Hall one morning! 

He came back by a few minutes later. 

I kept Jax and Paiton on the first day of their spring break. 
For the first time, I let Paiton roll out her own cookies, and she did a GREAT job. 
I should have taken pictures of the final product. 

More visitors at the Ag. 

The geraniums are blooming again.  The tomato plant 
bore flowers, and then faded, but I took a look at what 
was left of it today (not this picture) and it is STILL alive. 
In fact, it looks a LOT better than it did in this picture, taken 
about the 12th. 

This one talked all the way down. 

This big guy attacked me yesterday... I have never been 
attacked quite like that before.  In fact... he broke skin on my leg 
two weeks ago, but yesterday was an escalation.  I moved him back with the 
help of a young woman who will be my future backup.... I was grateful she was there. 
This morning, I went in with a broom, and moved him back before he could get 
near me.  It's not fun collecting eggs and worrying about spurs in your tush! 

I'm guessing breeding maturity is kicking in, he has turned one year old.  
He is a Speckled Sussex, (heavy)  by the way, and now I am wondering if he really DID 
kill his brother two weeks ago, and I just didn't find the wounds amongst the feathers. 

Not in trouble, lifting his leg. 

Also not in trouble, just worshiping the sun. 

Can you see him on the left? 

That's a heron at the Ag. 

Here is a not-very-clear picture of it! 

I have never seen one land in a tree! 

This, I don't know what to say about. 

Sister went to the vet last week. 

Sister is a BROTHER! 

He had been neutered previously. 

Name to come soon. 

I had to put this in Kansas Birding on Facebook to find out what it was. 

I thought it was a fancy sparrow of some kind. 

I will reveal the answer below.  

I had NO IDEA. 

Another deck visitor! 

Action Jackson. 

My hawk nest I have followed for three years appears to be unoccupied. 
I checked on it again today, and still do not see any birds using it. 

I also am not seeing hawks along this road, where they have been so plentiful. 
Amazing just the hawks are gone. 
(yes, I'm suspicious) 

On my way to mass last night, I cut across country.  Movement at the back 
of this field caught my eye, and I thought I was FINALLY seeing a turkey. 


Well... it IS a turkey vulture! 

It rained for two hours yesterday morning, and we need it so badly. 
This kildeer was happy at the little pond. 

Michelle at Boulderneigh , this last set of pictures 
is for you. 

I could not get the black and white lambs, and the "black" lambs that were 
to the right, they were moving around too fast. 
I know these all have Shetland names for their colors, and Michelle, 
you will know what they are. 

We are expecting more rain in the next few days... HURRAH!!!

( It's a female red-winged blackbird) 


  1. Well, I didn't guess correctly on that bird, either! (Very nice photo, too.) I find myself pickier about my photos as well; I guess that is to be expected. How about Cisco for Sister's new name? Very macho, but sounds similar/familiar. Thanks for the lovely sheep photos!

  2. Enjoy the pictures. Prayed for your son.

  3. Hari OM
    Aww sheepses... I likes sheepses; from a family of shepherds on maternal line. Nope, I didn't get the bird correct either! That Sussex fella is getting a bit cocky, eh? (!), watch out as he may start pecking the hens rears as well. Great shots from the ag-camera!!!

    Now the vertigo - prayers are offered up. Worth mentioning though; was watching a telly show last week wherein a lady had exactly this problem and on attending a hospital (it was in India), the doctor did all the usual tests expected, but then said Osteopathy would help; he laid her on bench with head over the end, supported in his hands - then turned her head very slowly and gently in such a way that the vertigo stopped. Just like that. Presumably the crystals 'resettled'.

    Any osteopaths nearby??? YAM xx

  4. I had to laugh about Sister being a brother.

    The morning I woke with vertigo was horrible. The above or something similar from Yamini is what my step-daughter the Physical Therapist does for vertigo. I still have small bouts sometimes when I lay down. I turn my head in the opposite direction of the spin. It shifts the crystals and the world stops spinning.

  5. If your son is suffering from Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, there are numerous websites and videos that show the treatment called Canalith repositioning (also known as the Epley maneuver). It's really not difficult to do - no doctor required! It took going through the steps twice to correct my husband's problem (we may have done it wrong the first time) but he has been totally vertigo free for several years now! I highly recommend to at least try it - good knowledge to have! Good luck!

  6. You have been in my thoughts as I've been wondering about your absence and how you are doing. You really got some wonderful pictures to share.

  7. I was wondering about the above suggestions. Hopefully he's feeling better! Would never have guessed the redwing black bird, but I have seen herons in trees. That's where they nest and you may have a rookery near you!

  8. Sister is a brother BOL! I guess that happens hee . . . hee . . . Loved that cardinal and Action photo! Now wondering what the surprise might be?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. I vote for know, a boy named Sue =o)


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