Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Where Did I Come From?

Okay, Sr. Mary Josephine, from where did I come?

Many of you long-time blog readers will know that I have
written in the past about the fact that my little sister, Kathleen, and I were adopted.

We were both "orphaluns" at the orphan's home, St. Anthony's, in Kansas City, Missouri.

We were not blood sisters.

My parents, Joe and Mary, had two natural sons, my big brothers Pete and Mike.
As my dad told us many times, their family was not complete without two little girls.

My sister was always tortured by the fact that her mother had given her away.  I never thought about my parents until my birthday rolled around yearly, when I said a prayer for them.

So, my sister found her large family.

I did not look for mine because my "real" family has always been my Dad, my Mom, Pete, Mike and 

OK,back story is finished.

I have always wondered if I really was Welsh and Irish, as the 
orphanage told my parents.

So, last week...I did this.

I know some of you have wondered about it, too.

The kit is simple.

The instruction card is clear.

You literally fill the tube to a certain line with spit. 

You then mix the contents of the cap tube with it
to stabilize it.

Enclose it in a protective sleeve.

Pop it in the prepaid box and voila, it is ready to go.

They do warn you it is a six to eight week process, and they do try
to get you to join Ancestry. I had been a member before, so renewed my membership.

I have to admit it would make me laugh to find out I was Welsh and Irish.

So...the rest of the story...

I am picking this story out with my left index finger and thumb.

I fell on Friday at the Ag and broke my right wrist, my dominant wrist.

The morose face is for real. Everything is hard to do, that is my dominant wrist...
but I am so grateful it was not leg or hip, and thank God for that.

A hard cast will go on after Christmas.

Anyway, I am eager to know the test results and will share them with you when I
get them!


  1. OH NO! I am so sorry to hear about that.
    I hope you got my very late answering you email. I had been wondering. Now, I know what has happened.

    So sorry to hear about your wrist. YIKES! What a pain.

    Interesting to see what your results will be.

  2. Bummer on the wrist! I hope it heals well; in fact, I'll be SURE that I pray for you (I usually do anyway).

  3. Oh no! Not your right wrist! So sorry, that is tough! We hope it heals cleanly and quickly. We will be excited to hear your results too. We think of you often and will add that wrist to our prayers! BTW, mom said it looks like you have lost weight so maybe you need to make sure you are taking good care of yourself. Be careful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. OOPS. So sorry to hear you broke your wrist! I'm sure it takes twice as long to do a lot of things but now you can sit down and enjoy a book without feeling guilty. Sending healing thoughts and a hug your way.

  5. Hari om
    Yikes!!! I have had your email sittong waiting for an answer, but am travelling with tge tablet only and typing is a pain...... but nothing like you now have to deal with! POTP from me... and how intriguing to do the dna. Nearly every caucasian shows scandi-genes, but the rest will be interesting :-) YAM xx

  6. Ooh! So sorry about your wrist and arm! Be sure of some prayers from this end. It is exciting about your anticipated DNA rsults. I just assume that I'm basically Irish with a bit of English from my paternal grandmother--but who knows! Take it easy and heal well!

  7. Prayers for your broken wrist. Your left will grow in efficiency as you use it. I had a thumb joint replacement 3 years ago and had a hard cast for 6 wks. At the end of that time I had trained my left hand to write quite legibly. Here's the time scoots right along for you

  8. this is very exciting!!! can't wait to hear the results! i remember my gimpy arm days when i almost cut my finger off and had to have it sewn back on. and it was my left side! heal soon!

  9. Oh, that stinks! Hope you heal quickly. I've thought about doing the ancestry.com thing, too, since I don't know who my father was. Let us know what you think.

  10. Sorry to hear about your fall. hope it heals fast.

    I have a friend doing the Ancestry thing too.

    M : )

  11. Hoping you get some answers. Praying your arm heals quickly

  12. Oh Mary Ann, so sorry about the break! Will look forward to following your journey of discovery.

  13. Sorry that your wrist is broken, but, yes, it could have been worse. Will be saying a prayer for healing and a quick recovery for you. I had a friend that did that D N A test and was very surprised when she learned some of the results. You were blessed with a wonderful family and the results of this test can only be icing on the cake for you. Take good care now, no more falls! Winter is just beginning.

  14. I was thinking about the DNA test, too, but thought it would involve a cheek swab much like the one I gave for bone marrow donation. That is almost disgusting since I was cautioned a lady never spits! In view, anyway.

    So sorry about your arm. It could be worse...an arm and a leg. Swift healing and may your DNA confirm your thoughts.


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