Monday, November 21, 2016

For the Last Week

Our new kitty, Sister, has come up out of the basement and joined the family. 
We all sit together in the evening and watch tv... and Sister sleeps at 
the foot of my bed.  Jester sleeps next to me... Bed Hog.... and Lilly sleeps in the 
doorway until early in the morning and then jumps up with the rest of us. 

This cat has brought so much happiness into my life, Keith loved cats, and he would have 
loved Sister.  I found her, you remember, at the hospital parking lot during his last stay. 
Friend Jill is convinced she is his spirit animal. 

I am not so sure she is not. 

I am seeing this redtail regularly now at 155th and Fairmount.... it is a very dangerous road to stop on, so I have to hurry when I snap a picture of it. 

Here is one of my favorite shots, taken on the 12th... Stranger Creek at the bluffs on Leavenworth Road.  I stopped on the way to church that night.  I'll have another shot of this later. 

I took this on the way home that night, it was so beautiful... the supermoon rising.  See the hawk on the pole on the right? 

Here is what was interesting... I was standing under another hawk, taking the pictures.  Usually, they do not hunt so closely. 

This makes me laugh every time I drive by.  You see, the deer was the very first thing in the tree, why, oh, why did I not get a picture of it?  These folks decorate every year, they bring a cherry picker in to do the top of the tree.  The deer now has a red glowing nose on him, they are very creative. 

The begonia is still blooming in the window of the tv room. 

I have visitors on the back deck again, and have been enjoying watching them. 

Now, here is the same scene I showed you above of Stranger Creek. 
I took this Saturday afternoon on my way to church. 

The chair was over to the left in this picture.  I saw no one around... and no cars around.  
I don't like to be in a place where someone can sneak up on me, so.. I got back in the car and left. 

Interesting, it might be a photographer who is being patient to get his shots. 

This was the park Saturday afternoon... today was a much gloomier picture, we have heavy clouds and expect rain tomorrow.  We need it! 

This is gomphrena at the Ag Hall.  They kindly agreed to let me get some seeds today, so I am going to plant some next year.  I think this is Strawberry Fields, but I am not sure. 

White gomphrena.  I got some seeds of this, too. 

Our girl Lil has found a place where something is living below ground, and she heads there everytime we go out the front door. 

Jester was with us too, we were on our way to the park. 

Tomorrow, we go see Dr. Tom for a pawdicure.  I suspect we are not going to get our walk 
at the park because of rain. 


  1. We don't want to THINK about the Pawdicure... butt DARN do you ever have some GORGEOUS Pictures... we are Stunned by the Variety of what you shared with us... Flowers Fur Furends (we Recognized Jester Instantly) and the Birds and the Moon... What a FUN post...
    We wonder if the blue chair is Still there?

  2. I can tell by MY favorite creek it is dry. I think that is the lowest you have shown it. I remember the floods when the rocks were barely visible. What a beautiful spot.

    Have a blessed evening.

  3. SOme great photos! You will laugh to know that when mom read this sentence: "This is gomphrena at the Ag Hall." she thought it said gonorrhea. OMD!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. i bet sister is keith's spirit animal. so sweet!

  5. You are an amazing photographer 🌻I miss so much and you take it all in so beautifully ❤️

  6. "Pawdicure," I like that. Did you ever hear how Stranger Creek earned its name?

  7. Thise are some amazing photos,, The little birds look so happy eating their snacks.
    We dont have any flowers blooming here.

  8. Hari OM
    What a delightful tour of your patch Mary Ann! completely missed seeing the moon this time round ... hill to hill cloud cover. Tsk... YAM xx

  9. She's a beautiful girl! She very well could be. Animals know when we are in a time of need.
    Love the photos Mary Ann. Great captures.
    Hope Jes does good with the trimming.

  10. Wishing you a pleasant Thanksgiving.

    M : )

  11. So glad Sister is bring some lightness back to your heart. Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at


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