Sunday, November 13, 2016

Enjoying the Fall

My buddy, Jester. 

I am so lucky to have this little guy! 

Momma has no where to sit. 

Sister has come up from her hiding places in the basement. 

She is joining the family. 

You all must think I never clean the house! 

Lilly is very studiously ignoring her in the above picture... but... she has 
accepted her being here, and Sis comes and goes. 
I am afraid to let her outside, though, I admit it. 

She is an indoor kitty. 

We have done a lot of walking this week, in the wonderful weather. 

The trees are putting on the last of this season's finery. 

I moved the begonias indoors from the front porch, because we 
dove down to the thirties for two nights. 

And we had a prelude of tonight's supermoon. 

To think we won't be here to see the next one! 

Very important we check out the pee mail at the park! 

My plucky old Lil. 

And our sweet Jes! 


  1. I don't remember Sis; is she new?

  2. It looks like Lil is wearing a cap! ;-)

  3. Hari OM
    Some great 'pawtraits' there!!! I's hoping the clouds have shifted for the moon later... we're under a carpet of cloud at the mo'. Glad to see the anipals are keeping the house well covered!!! Hugs and wags to them... and a few more hugs for you! YAM xx

  4. WE just LOVE Jester's SMILE. it makes us feel HAPPY.

  5. Beautiful photos.

    It's great that all the animals get along.

    Have a blessed week.

  6. You are blessed to have those faithful companions there. Great pictures as always!

  7. I personally don't think cats have to go outside. They can be indoor cats and it's so much safer for them to be inside.
    Hope I remember to look at the moon tonight.
    I'm glad Lily is starting to accept Sister.

  8. Mary Ann,

    Great pictures! Your 4 legged critters look like they're enjoying a relaxing day.

  9. The dogs are hilarious!!

    Jester's "smile" cracks me up!

    M : )

  10. Glad you all are holding each other tight!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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