Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day Today

Got up this morning to Winter Wonderland.  Showered and went out to do chores while Keith cleaned up, and  tramped through our first real snow of the year.  It's six hours later, and STILL SNOWING. 

Some of you on the east coast are probably laughing, as you have had it for months already. 

I drove all the way to work, and had to turn around and come home.  For once, I did not call our "emergency snow line" because in five years they have never closed.  Today, they closed.  Had to turn around and drive 25 miles back on bad roads.  Learned my lesson!

Here are some scenes from Calamity Acres today:

That's our neighbor's yard light up on the hill opposite us... in the gloom.  Thank heavens Keith decided to put the four foot extension on the little barn, because it is keeping the llamas snug as bugs in a rug.

This was very early, before the bulk of the snow had come down. The little wildings are eating at the feeding station. We are keeping them well-supplied.

When there is this much snow, we don't let the littlest birds out

But the little bunch is warm and toasty with a heat lamp in their henhouse

When I got home from my trip to work, I heard geese above me. As the cloud cover is so low today, I could not see them (and oh, how I love them!)... but then, finally, from out of the clouds, this small flock flew close enough to almost touch!

The dogs have just barked, and I looked out to see the Fed Ex truck at the gate.  Our vegetable seeds have come from Burpee, so in a few minutes I'll go out to get them and SUMMER WILL BE IN MY HANDS! 



  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures there today. So sorry you drove in for nothing on bad roads. I just love your animals and they look very content there on this snowy day :)

  2. I woke up to the same thing! I'm getting ready to post picture on my blog soon. We don't have any small chickens, but the ones we do have refuse to go out in the snow anyway.

  3. Gosh--sorry you had to get out in the elements.
    We have another snow day today so I don't have to get out.
    I do love the snow--it is so pretty.
    Take Care. It was great to see you at Dreaming.
    Come again soon!


  4. We were off 1/2 day due to ice. I stayed home all day since I live so far out.

  5. I've been looking at the Gurney's catalog myself.

  6. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your day. Keep warm and keep those animals warm. Love, Mary G.

  7. your farm is beautiful. i love that you can see your neighbor far away with rolling hills between. so sorry you had to do that awful driving! darn...what a waste of gas and time. your beautiful chickens look very happy and are so white! they match the snow! ;)


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