Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Weekend of Errands

No blogging this week, while we tried to get over our respective colds. This time they lingered on, making us very tired and making it hard to get up and at it each day. Husband had to drive to the state capitol for meetings daily, and I just had to go to work, but it was hard to be enthusiastic at 4 degrees at 6 in the morning. Even though my health is 100% better than a year ago, it is still hard to spring out of bed with a good attitude daily when I know I am going out in blowing cold mist.

Things are looking up this weekend, though... it is 27 degrees and sunny this morning. It was easy doing chores before church, and I welcomed the quiet time with the inside animals while letting my better half sleep in for his later church service.

Yesterday was spent doing errands. We got up early for Saturday, and after I did the outside chores, we loaded three of the dogs up for a trip to the vet. We continue to take them to a vet where I have gone for 30 years... but it is now 20 miles from where we live. The pugs went into their carriers, and Lilly Ann onto her leash. As we do not load the dogs up and take them places, Lilly gets apprehensive when this happens. As we took them out to load them in the van, Ranger jumped into the back seat and politely ignored our exhortations to come out and stay home. Finally, we laughed and shrugged and let him come, too, though he had gotten all his shots and his license two weeks ago. The trip down was fraught with nerves, the pugs in their crates making little mewing noises, and Lilly jumping two seats to sit with her 50 pounds on my lap. Of course, Ranger was upset then that he was way in the back, but managed to keep himself back there. When we got to the vet, we unloaded the pugs and Lilly and took them in. Ranger came in for a few minutes, but there were many people waiting in the walk-in clinic, and back he went to walk around in the sun outside and then get back in the van to wait. The pugs waited patiently to see Dr. Tom, and Lilly, after having a good sniff at the other dogs, settled down and laid there quietly. Finally our turn was called. Our custom is to unhook the doors as soon as we have the pugs in the room, and then shut the doors. Addie does not like to have her nails clipped, and she tries to run back into her crate. Barring that, she will run under the seat and hide. Her nails grow very fast, and she is a bleeder, so we feel more comfortable with the vet clipping them. Dr. Tom took each girl out to do a fecal to make sure we had no worms, and then each got her shots series. They all took them with fortitude til we got to Lilly, who would have loved to have given Dr. Tom what for when he clipped her nails. "Daddy" held her, though, and we talked to her as her chest rumbled deeply the whole time.

That crisis over, we loaded everyone up again, and the girls went to sleep immediately, so the ride home was peaceful. The pugs rode in the rear, and Ranger and I shared the back seat, while Lilly rode up front.

Home for five minutes, leave for the beauty shop. Home an hour and a half later for 45 minutes, and then leave for the commissary and the "big shopping". I took my time and hauled around two baskets, and dug through my coupons. I am hoping to get an organizer today to cancel having to stand in an aisle and look for the coupons I KNOW I have!

Home finally at 4:30 to bring in sacks, straighten the kitchen, throw dishes in the sink, and make meatball sandwiches for husband and stepson to eat while they finished up working on the new porch for the day.

We watched the NBA shootout, and then husband was off to bed while I channel-surfed. I realized I was going to sleep at 10, and gave up and joined the pugs and husband for dreamland.

We are having a quiet day today for the Lord's day. I am searching for four more standard size hens so will surf Craigslist and put out some feelers. We are going to fix a good Sunday dinner, and now that husband and stepson have gone off to church, I am going to slip out to the kitchen to bake a surprise for them.

The equines are sleeping in the sun, and the birds running happily back and forth from henyard to horseyard, Hannah snoring rythymically by my side, and all is well with the world.

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