Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Friends

Last night, as husband and I were catching up on the news of our respective days and doing chores in the big henhouse, we heard a noise outside. Husband had already turned the light off and the chickens had hunkered down on their roosts, going to sleep. We heard the noise again, and decided we had better go around through the gate and see what was making it. There, at the water fortex in the henyard, were Beau the pony and Sammy the goose. Not another goose or duck was anywhere near, just the two friends. We marveled again at the interspecies friendship as they ate out of the chicken feed bowl side by side, taking turns (yes the pony LOVES chicken feed).

Lacey the white mini is still not right... despite three days of actually going down in the pasture, she is now staying in her pen, where she can get to feed and water with no problem. We are still medicating her daily, though only once, while we see how she is getting around. The up side is that she is up more. We had a plunge into single digits again last night, and this morning is a ripe old 5 degrees, and we are tired of the ubiquitous buckets. Tomorrow, 66 degrees is predicted. Hallelujah!

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  1. hello Mary

    Oh you must have a lot of fun with all your animals!! Thank you so much for helping me with resq today! I hope your lacey will feel better!


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