Friday, February 6, 2009

Interspecies Friendship

I know it's boring to everyone but the people who love animals, but we are still marveling at the interspecies friendship going on here on the "farm'. This morning as I left for work, I was glad to have the camera in hand. Beau came up to get water, and behind him marched Sammy, his goose friend. I took a series of pictures of them drinking, Beau from the low trough and Sammy from the high! Today the temps became milder... it was 67 when I left the office to come home. The ice on the pond was melted, and the geese and ducks were reveling, finally able to dive and clean their feathers that had been bathed for weeks in the fortex. We didn't have to carry buckets tonight, but used the hose... a blessing!

Tonight we went to a basketball game for my stepson's team, and the whole family was there to cheer him on. The boys played a great game, and it went down to the wire, losing by just a few points. Tomorrow is his ACT test, and then fitting for tuxes for his sister's wedding, so it's a big weekend. I will be running from here to there on errands... feed stores... groceries... cleaners... but look forward to sitting and scrapbooking for a while in the evening or on Sunday after church. Thank heavens we don't have to hear the alarm go at 5:15 AM tomorrow!

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