Sunday, January 14, 2018

Snow Day

We have had another snow day. 

I hate to even mention it, because the northeast and Canada are socked under again. 
My heart goes out to them. 

I don't know how they cope, I really don't. 

My little snow Boston Terrier was eager to run down in the pasture. 

So was his sister. 

I suspect some coyotes have been hanging out in the woods at the bottom 
of the pasture... the morel woods!

We did not get a LOT of snow, but we are to get more tonight. 
I swept all the feeding areas so the birds could get the seed. 

I spread the seed out so the little birds can get some. 

The starlings empty the water fortexes frequently, so I have gone out 5 times already today to 
fill them.  I just did fifteen minutes ago. 
Remember, there is also a heated water receptacle on the deck. 

On Friday, I bought more seed.  I put a bin right by 
the deck (where I used to keep it) and filled it with seed. 
It's half-gone now.  I'll have to buy more in a few days. 
YES, it's wastage, a lot of it, but a lot of it is eaten.  I am thinking 
about some ways to feed next year that don't involve so much 
waste, however.... I want everyone to have a chance. 

I keep some critter mix and some shelled peanuts in the smaller 
aluminum can.  All that gardening stuff will get moved in the spring. 

This is ice from a frozen water fortex thawing in the sink. 
I try to go out last thing and spill out whatever is left... 
I do have some extra fortexes just in case.  This one was very 
thick, the fortex had been full.  It took all day to melt. 

As you see, I stocked up on Purina Cat Chow, too, just in 
case.  The starlings and wild cats appreciate it. 

Everyone has been locked in all day today, so they are 
all huffy again.  
Hens do not like snow, and there was no way they would have come out in it, even though it has been close to 19 for the last hour.  It is the last decent temp, we are to hit bottom, and actually go below 
zero for several nights.  Ugh.  However, I am going very slowly and steadily, I just don't hurry.  So far, so good. 

Some are smart and stay up by the warm ceiling. 

I end with cuteness overload, what did I do for fun before I had these two? 

Stay warm out there, friends. 


  1. Hari OM
    That polar vortex is determined play its drum, heh na? It is hitting in over here too - though not to quite the same depths. Something similar to what you have. Right now there's a major rain storm trying to beat its way through the Hutch's windows. Am a little envious of all the fur and feathers you have around you - though I don't envy you the feed costs! Stay safe and warm Acre-ites! Hugs wags whiskeries and clucks, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. My chickens love to perch on the rafters too. We have howling coyotes here too.

  3. Burrrr is visiting you again!

  4. Winter is a season of coping and making the best of what we've go for sure. We are back in the deep freeze here and all the problems it brings with it. Ice is the one thing I dread the most. Take good care and keep warm and enjoy all that cuteness !

  5. My father used to mix his own bird seed. He didn't care for millet at all and said the birds don't, either. They put a suet wire basket by their kitchen windows. We enjoyed watching the birds that eat from the basket.

  6. Winter weather (unlike the nice stuff we have been getting) is not for sissies!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I bought peanuts for the blue jays and they did not touch them!! dang it. stella rose


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