Monday, July 3, 2017



That's the teaser.  I can't show any more right now. 

I told you I would show you. 

So... this has been happening at the farm: 

He is not alone. 
There are scores. 

But this is what I was looking for, and am so glad to see. 
He has been missing lately. 

He is looking over his shoulder because of this. 

Do you see there in the left corner? 

Glad to see this one, too. 

And glad to see this one, because that means all three kitties got something to eat today. 

I have not seen the gray cat for days. 

The black cat was there just before the dogs and I pulled into the gate, in fact, it looks open 
in the picture.  I am sure it ran under the deck when we pulled up. 

So, this is why I was worried about the cats eating: 

Uh huh 

See the curtain climbers? 

If I were their mama, I would be tired, too!

I tried something different tonight, I put some food at 
the far edge of the porch.  I am confident that the cats had a chance to eat, though. 

I can tell the raccoons have been around the henhouse where the feral kittens are, too, but they cannot get into it.  I am going to make triply sure tomorrow. 

There were at least four other adults, the mama must have run them off. 

I haven't seen the opossums for a while, either. 

When I get moved, this will all have to change.  I will probably go back to a feeder in the pasture so that no one will come up on the deck or porch. 

My gosh, it is July 3rd, and the air is rumbling outside with 

I hope you all are safe tomorrow, and have a great holiday! 

Remember your pets! 


  1. I hope you have a nice Independence Day, Mary Ann.

  2. Hari OM\
    You have a menagerie! Fine with me... though maybe not on the porch. As you say, it will have to change... much like the inside clearly is doing! Ugh... am not a fan of fireworks I have to say. Hope you have a great day - and reasonably quiet. YAM xx

  3. Nice to feed your animals but I'm sure that feeding those raccoons is not what you had in mind. I almost quit feeding the birds one time as the seeds they left on the ground were attacking skunks. Moving feeders out away from the house is a good thing. Happy 4th of July to you too!

  4. So the raccoons at your house climb, too. When I lived in Wisconsin the bird feeder on my deck suddenly was emptied every day. I coukdn'the figure it out. I was filling it one evening, and by the next evening it was mostly empty. Then I was out at dusk watering my flowers in the yard and 2 raccoons came out from under my deck. One of them climbed up the deck railing (didn'the know they could climb), reached out with his paw and began to shake the bird feeder. Bird seed spilled out all over the ground where the other raccoon was eating as fast as he could. When no more seed came out from shaking, the raccoon climbed down and joined his friend in the feast. I was surprised!! And I moved the feeder away from the deck the next day; no more problems.

  5. So you are moving back to the farm? It looks like it will take a lot of work, but I know that is where you long to be so it will be worth it. Happy holiday!

  6. Looks like Wild Kingdom at your place BOL! Those raccoons are fun to see but sure can cause trouble!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Blackbirds? Tails are too long for starlings. That's a LOT of raccoons!

  8. 3 of the 4 neighbor cats and strays have gone missing from our house. I stopped and asked the neighbor about her Tom, she said she had not seen him either. We are getting 1 coon and 1 possum on camera now.


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