Sunday, July 23, 2017

And This Will Be Our New Playroom

If you have been following along with the saga of the Feral Kittens, either here or on Facebook,, you will know that ten days ago, the Raccoon Crew broke them out of the Little Red Henhouse in my old henyard. 

The game camera has proven that they are hanging around, and their litter box is still in the 

However, three days ago, I saw one watching me outside the old henhouse (larger building) and 
when I stepped towards it, it literally ran UP the door, and into the henhouse through the torn screen. 

That night, I put a little food in there for them, and a water bowl. 

Because of this: 

The kittens couldn't even get near the food because of the 
wild birds.  I did get ONE large cat, the gray and white, 
coming into the henyard to check out what was going on. 
First sighting I have seen of any of the three ferals in my yard. 

The raccoons were still coming at night to check things out, though I am 
taking the food in at dark when I go shut the hens up. 

So, last night I decided to put the camera IN the old henhouse, and 
I left some food and a bowl of water for them. 

It was 101 here yesterday and heat index was about 114, at one point. 

I have water in numerous places around the yard. 

There are three of the four, I am not convinced that the fourth is still with them.  Remember, it had only been in with the others (it's siblings) for two days before they were released. 

And then, at 10:13, someone reared it's head. 

And at 10:14, it entered.  The camera was knocked over, shortly thereafter. 

NOTHING is raccoon proof. 

Well, maybe the henspa, so far. 

So tonight, there will be NO food left, there is Kitten Chow there in a bowl today. 
Fresh water, there and on the porch of the little red house. 

I also put the continuous feeder IN the little red henhouse, where it used to be... thinking that 
might make the birds go elsewhere instead of into the dark henhouse pophole. 

I'll pull both feeders tonight. 

So, this is also happening: 

This is Tim Vaughan, of Stranger Creek Fence Company.  We live in Stranger Township. 

Tim is fixing the support posts for the pasture gate, which were left broken off at the ground by our tenant ON BOTH SIDES, which I had not realized.  The gate was propped so that it appeared that it was okay.  As you can see behind him, Tim is re-doing the braces on both sides, and will hang the gate on a wheel so I can open and close it easily.  He is also welding the front gate's wheel so that I can open it easily... the wheel slipped down.  He is also measuring the front deck to bid for power-washing and then a water-seal finish.  

Tim is also a bull rider, and won the Leavenworth Fair bull-riding last year. 

I put a post  on "Next Door Stranger Creek"
 and was given Tim's contact info, and I'm glad to know him.  He is going to be helping clear some of the other fence lines. 

As of this morning after church, when I stopped by to do chores... the fence line behind him was completely cleared. 

You all know how scared I am of strong chemicals... but sometimes I have to use them. 

The kitchen floor is in, and Mike the Contractor stayed late and did a first 
sanding of the mud.  YAYYY. 

And this... this makes me inordinately happy, to see happy hens wandering around in the yard and eating bugs.  

I can't tell you how much. 

The Screamer (Cornish) confronts Emily (Production Red) . 


  1. Hari om
    Fab to find a worthy worker... and the menagerie continues to delight :-) YAM xx

  2. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate!

  3. I hope it cools down a little. I am glad you are at least able to provide the animals with water to help them stay cool.

  4. Glad you have found some really good workers Mary Ann. Maybe with time, the kittens will tame up a little bit. You might need to live trap and relocate some of those coons... When we trapped 2 years ago, we caught almost 20 possums and coons that were eating all the cat food. Never knew there were so many coming to our porch.
    We set them loose at the farm where we hunt on several hundred acres. Back to the wild.
    I was in a computer class all last week.

  5. Busy busy days at your house. So glad the kittens continue to hang around. But that raccoon is a pest. I remember how well you had fixed up the old place and seeing you have to redo every thing is sad. Glad you are finding some good help to get it done though.

  6. Looks like things are moving ahead nicely there in Wild Kingdom!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Progress, progress!
    Looks good.

    M : )

  8. I'm so glad I am catching up on your blog- needing a few projects done myself, and unsolicited good reviews really encourage me to think your fence guy might be the one I try to make My fence guy :).


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