Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Sunday Birthday Party

My friend Theresa's sister Tina threw a 50th birthday party for her today, three days before her 51st birthday!  Since she let the big occaision pass last year without a huge celebration, she decided now to have a "This is your Life" party for her sister.  We gathered in another of the old buildings in downtown Tonganoxie, this time, the Ratliffe Drug Store. (available for rental, but does not have bathrooms!)

It has many old things in it, sort of like a museum piece.

The soda fountain is still there, and allegedly still operational.

Birthday girl Theresa, left, being congratulated by friend Jody.

An ad on an old cabinet.  Okay, we're talking conservative Tongie here, folks.  A condom ad in the old drugstore?????  And a little Redi-Kilowatt guy to advertise them????  Things must have been livelier around here 40 years ago!

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