Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pickin' Walnuts

Grandson Nathan came over the weekend to help pick up walnuts in the yard.  We have several black walnut trees, and one provides shade to the big henhouse.  I have not been able to cut the grass one last time because of all the walnuts, so we promised to pay Nathan if he could pick up the walnuts that we have nearly turned our ankles on for two weeks.  He worked three hours over the weekend, part spent throwing them towards his bucket, and having to pick them up again.  Lilly Ann was his willing cohort in this.  She is never far from Nathan when he is here, and neither is Farm Dog Abby.
He spent a lot of time carrying the walnuts to the horseyard, where they were spread out on a tarp to dry in the sun.  Of course, Sunday evening, it rained!  However, Nathan had completed the job as we asked, so he got his pay.

Sunday, during the rain and wind, the balance of the walnuts fell!  We'll have to have Nathan come back next weekend!

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