Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Pond in September

Well, it rained last night, a gentle rain for hours.  The pond has a little water in it again, but I am dismayed to see that now grass is growing where the bottom of the pond was.  The frogs are ever hopeful, and some jumped as I walked down to see if it had retained any water.  It was never a proper pond, you see... but a hole dug out to make a pad to put a barn, still yet to be built, on.  At it's deepest it was four feet, but that has silted in, and the "dam" was simply dirt pushed up into a hill.  It has become torn up by the ducks and geese, though, over the last two years, and little animals tunneling in it.  This spring we realized it was seeping through into the pasture below it, and by the end of summer's heat, the water had gone. 

In the spring, perhaps, if we can save enough over winter and after Christmas, we will have the pond man come and make a proper pond, so that when we are retired we can stock it.  By then maybe we can have some ducks and geese again, because those feathered friends are gone now too.  This year has seen so many of our animal and bird friends go, either as gifts to friends, or like Uncle Beau, across the Rainbow Bridge.  The pasture at Calamity Acres is quiet now, except for Tony and Inca the llamas, and the chickens and roosters who are left.

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